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October 2013

Your Body

Voodoo Contraception? We Don’t Think So

You’ve probably heard the joke “you know what you call a couple who use the rhythm and pull-out methods? Parents.”

More and more women are abandoning traditional contraception (Condoms, the Pill, etc) for what some consider to be “Voodoo”

The contraceptive pill boasts a side effect list including:

  • Breast tenderness
  • Moodiness
  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Moodiness and the list goes on….

Its no wonder that women are seemingly flocking from hormonal contraceptives. As for condoms – We understand! They certainly don’t feel as good as natural sex. IUDs have their own side effects, diaphragms are tricky and rely on a doctor’s appointment… it seems that wherever we turn, we are either expected to rely on someone else to control our fertility, or we are powerless.

When hormonal and barrier contraceptives aren’t an option that women are willing to engage in, and permanent sterilisation options are limited, risky, and come with drastic side effects of their own, not to mention they’re…. permanent… what is this voodoo that women are supposedly engaging in?

Charting and tracking

While on its own, the withdrawal method is notoriously ineffective, charting and tracking can be an effective means of contraception. Note however, it does not protect against STDs.

Understanding your cycles and fertility means that you can roughly predict when you’re fertile. Meaning that that time of the month is a good time to abstain from sex or use a method such as a condom.

The Billing’s method claims to be as effective as the pill when followed correctly. It’s a simple, sexy, straightforward method of monitoring your cervical mucous.

There are also several tools and apps that allow you to chart, track, and monitor your body. Checking symptoms such as cervical mucous, basal body temperature, cervix position, and hormones.

Scientifically discovering, monitoring and learning about your body is far from voodoo, luck or superstition. Its awareness, and empowering. During your fertile period, abstaining or using other barrier contraceptive methods like condoms give you options.

Good communication, team work, and dedication to good sex and fertility awareness make natural fertility a viable option for women.

It seems that there is a big education gap when it comes to all things fertility, and more frank, real conversations need to be had to demystify sex.

Our take on the issue?

  • Be smart, get aware of your body, know your fertility – don’t rely on one method alone (i.e. ONLY a period tracker)
  • Be aware of the risks and benefits
  • Communicate with your partner(s) and make sure they’re playing on the same team as you
  • In short, get savvy and take responsibility for your body and sex!




Increase the fantasy in your relationship
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3 Ways To Delve Into Fantasy In The Bedroom

Do you have a naughty, sexy fantasy?

For many of us, sexual fantasies can be embarrassing, or even shameful to speak about. With a little practice, you can learn to delve into your sexual fantasies and light a fire in your sexual life.

Below are a few easy ways to begin accessing those fantasy story lines and bring  them into your sex life.

1 – Find Out What Turns You On:

It’s not always easy to figure out what turns us on, but if you can spend some quiet time reflecting as you go about your day to day life, the things and people and situations that light a fire under you. Speaking of erotica earlier, feel free to check some out yourself. Which situation are most exciting to you? By getting some ideas about what turns you on, you’ll get closer to that fantasy space.

2 – Approach With Humor:

Humor and levity are the fertile ground that allows for a safe enough space for fantasies to flourish. Couples that laugh together during sexual intimacy have sex for a longer time, with greater frequency.  It’s true and satisfyingly so; laughter is a close relation to the joyous freedom of orgasm.

3 – Try Roleplay: Sexy Couple

Halloween may just be around the corner, but you don’t have to just use that costume once a year! Many couples enter the fantasy space through role-play. Role-play is actually a fairly commonly practiced form of sexual foreplay. Giving life to our fantasies in the form of costuming and accessories, even if they never leave the bedroom is a fun and playful way to leap into the abandon that passionate sex demands.

Getting in touch with your fantasy space can be a bit daunting, but the rewards throughout your intimate life are immense. Approach the process with self compassion and curiosity and the willingness to communicate with your partner. This year, I invite you to go out on a limb and instead of spending too much money on a costume you will only wear to one event, get something that could transform your favorite private fantasy into a new make believe adventure at least once a month.



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Why Your Bikini Wax Might Be Limiting Your Love Life

Why DO we have pubic hair? We seem to be a society bent on removing it regularly, air brushing it out of print media, forgetting that pubic hair serves a purpose – an quite a sexy one at that!

Pubic hair has several functions, some of which may actually affect your love life for the negative. So here in the name of fun and all things positive about a natural pubic hairstyle are some neat facts about your short and curlies:

It Smells Good To Your Partners

Your pubic hair traps pheromones. Those ‘odourless’ chemicals that are emitted by our body that make us attractive or unattractive to potential mates – yep, well your pubic short and curlies are a veritable scented garden for these little goodies!

Your waxed or shaven pubic mound won’t hold or store as many pheromones, potentially limiting your sexy scent…

They Protect Your Vulva

Just like your nostrils have cilia and you have eye lashes, your pubic hairs actually prevent dust and bacteria from making its way to your urethra and vagina. Surgeons discovered that removing hair actually increased infections!

Humans Are The Only Species That Grow Pubic Hair

There’s nothing like being unique – it’s only the human teenager who sprouts hair from odd places as they reach sexual maturity. Go us!

We Actively Remove Hair When We Are Feeling Horny

We remove hair to appear sexually attractive, and are more likely to remove hair in the early honeymoon stages of a relationship, according to a study by Tiggemann and Hogson.

So why do we insist on waxing, shaving, depilating, vajizzling, tweezing and otherwise modifying our beautiful bodies? I would love to know!

Most of us  have enjoyed the new sensations of a brazillian, struggled through the painful regrowth of shaving, shuddered at IPL and considered some of the more exotic hair removal techniques, honey anyone?

Do you go bare down there? I’d love your comments!