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February 2015

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Ethical Porn, Woman Friendly Porn, and Real Orgasm Pleasure!

I have a confession to make…. I like porn. I like porn a lot! There I said it.

The trouble with my adoration of watching strangers fuck, is that I take SERIOUS issue with a lot of what goes on in the porn industry.

My main concerns centre around rape, exploitation of the actors, and the depiction of sex acts that aren’t pleasurable and may even be painful.

I also have a real problem with the industry of “tube channels” that scrape content from other sites, and don’t pay the film makers. I’ve always thought must be a way to be an ethical porn consumer.

Then I discovered the term “Feminist Porn” and be still my throbbing clit… sexy as fuck videos that show real pleasure and real orgasms! 

It turns out there is a whole, amazing industry – with incredible film-makers producing woman-friendly erotic film. There is still the gratuitous fuck, there are stories, there are fantasies, there is even some amazing fetish porn.

It should go without saying that I jumped at the opportunity to review Bright Desire’s collection of amazingly sexy videos. Bright Desire is porn for women. Ms Naughty the Filmmaker totally nails it. The videos are sexy, beautiful and *ahem* fun to watch 😉

This is my current favorite…. Selfies. (affiliate link to Bright Desire, a girl’s gotta make some coin!)

I think this is what got me:

Even porn can be more, then bunch of dirty people just going through the motions. How about watching real sexual encounter between two people in love? Sex can be a beautiful thing and we will prove you that you can enjoy watching it this way too! –

Real couples feature in many of the videos, so you’re not just watching strangers go through the motions on camera. You’re watching the hot, sexy, dynamic of people who are genuinely attracted to one another.

There are giggles, there is sweat, there are real orgasms… Oh.My.Goodness – watching  orgasms for real on camera is just hot! (affiliate link to Bright Desire videos)

Ms Naughty, the filmographer has a talent for making you feel like a fly on the wall. You can nearly forget that this is erotic film, and that there are cameras, lights, and a crew of people filming.

The films are gorgeous, sexy, and better than I expected. There is something very cool about the realism. Sex can indeed be a beautiful thing!

Don’t take my word for it – check out some of the videos for yourself here (affiliate link) this one I assure you is hotter than 50 shades!
Bright Desires



Ms. Naughty is a writer, editor, blogger, entrepreneur and filmmaker with a passion for making better porn. She’s been curating and creating adult content online since 2000. Her site features her filmed and written work and she also co-owns, one of the first adult sites for women. Her short film “Dear Jiz” won Best Experimental Short at Cinekink in 2014 and her films have screened at numerous international festivals. She lives with her husband in a small Australian town, surrounded by Fundamentalist Christians.



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Product Reviews

Book Review: The Mystery Of The Undercover Clitoris

I must admit, with a title like “The Mystery of the Undercover Clitoris—Orgasmic Fingertip Touching Every Woman Craves” I was a little hesitant about picking up and reading this book. Then, when I read the blurb “Orgasmic fingertip touching that every woman craves” I cringed a little, and was somewhat more hesitant.

So, I gave the book to my lover to read, because he gets to spend more time pleasuring clitorises (Clitori?) than I do. From a guy’s perspective, it’s a book he wishes he had 10 years ago, when he was an awkward, inexperienced, teenage lover; fun, clearly illustrated, like a map to the mysterious clitoris.

So on his advice I read the book too:

And whoah! This is the book that I wish every one of my earlier lovers had read before shoving their rough, inexperienced hands down my knickers!

The Mystery of the Undercover Clitoris is a great  little how to guide for pleasuring a woman. It sneaks in some nice cliteracy facts like “The clitoris is about the same size as an un-erect penis, and it proudly and loudly shouts loud and clear “LUBRICATION”

It’s a sassy, little, how-to guide for getting started having sex with a woman. It encourages creativity, experimentation and communication.

Oh, and thank you Dr Sadie for spelling out that there is an entire vulva of erogenous zones to explore including the lips, the mons, and the perineum.

Sometimes the  book is a little condescending, which can come across a little demeaning (my lover’s feedback) but it’s an awesome guide to leave in the bathroom for a  lover to pick up. It’d be fun to read together to try the positions…

You can grab a copy of The Mystery of the Undercover Clitoris—Orgasmic Fingertip Touching Every Woman Craves  here (affiliate link) or from Dr Sadie Allison’s site;