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How To Workout for Self Lovin’ not Self Loathin’

We only get one of these body things. Considering everything that we put it through over the course of a life-time, that makes it pretty awesome right?

So why on earth is it that we are constantly told that it’s too fat, weak, hairy, bumpy, grey, dull, oily, shiny, cellulitey, hairy, smelly, discoloured, to exist in this world without changing it.

We are SO not down with that!

You are enough. You are right where you need to be, and that is OK. Give yourself permission to love yourself.

You are enough. You are right where you need to be, and that is OK. Give yourself permission to love yourself.

Here’s the thing. If we all fell madly in love with ourselves, no-one could make a dime out of us. And that just wouldn’t be fun for any corporation built around leveraging your inadequacies (inadequacies that they fabricated…)

I was chatting to my grandmother – she didn’t shave her legs as a young woman…. because shaving legs wasn’t a thing. Women had hair! (Correction, women have hair, and in the pursuit of media-standards of beauty, we subject ourselves to bizarre forms of self mutilation)

So, here are a few tips to get lovin that bod of yours.  Given that this is YOUR body and YOUR journey, you don’t have to try any of them. But these might help your rock some radical self love.


Exercise is awesome for you. Do it for health, longevity, and looking after your rockin’ bod

You don’t need to be thin, heck you don’t even need to be strong – but it would really help if you were fit enough to enjoy your day-to-day activities with energy and vitality. Endorphins are pretty wicked too! Best part, you only need to engage in gentle exercise to get the benefits!

Compete? Nah…..  Challenge yourself for that sense of accomplishment!

You don’t have to race, you don’t have to be stronger/fitter/faster/more beautiful than anyone. Workout to discover your own limits. To achieve things you didn’t you could ever do. If it’s a walk around the block – brilliant. If it’s a marathon, equally brilliant.

Aim for progress, not perfection.

If you accept that you are always a work in progress, and your body will go through many versions, iterations, and volumes of the story that is you – you’ll realise that there’s not really an end goal. Pursue what makes you feel good, and accept progress.

Do it for the joy of it!

When I discovered running, I discovered a whole new world of zone-out-endorphin highs. I run because it makes me feel alive. If you’re going to work out, do it for the sheer joy.

Take my grandmother’s advice.

When you get up in the morning, look in the mirror and say “By goodness, you’re beautiful” and REALLY mean it. You are a unique and magnificent creation. You’re forever growing and changing. And that my friend, is beautiful.

Workout tips for body love


Cringe-Worthy Moments in Women’s Running

Apparently, because I’m a woman and I run, I’m meant to look glamorous, care about my hair, make sure I don’t pee… oh and avoid so-called unfortunate sweat marks.

So in response to this pearler of an article, let’s take a look at the real cringe-worthy moments when you’re a woman, and you run…

1 -Being constantly told that your body is something to be ashamed of.

You’re too fat, to skinny, to wobbly, to muscly, no thigh gap, too masculine, ENOUGH already. Your body is a rockin’ temple of awesomeness.

2 – Being told that your bodily functions are embarrassing!

Embarrassing sweat? Well excuse me for my body working just fine, thank you very much! My pits sweat, my face sweats, and yes, horror of horrors, my crotch sweats. In fact, in certain types of underwear, my butt calls batman too!

Ass signalling batman!

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3 – The assumption that runner’s trots are JUST a women’s problem?

Nope. They’re not. Men poop too. #justsayin.

The  best advice I ever got was from Colette McShane from the HIIT Mum “get your bowels moving by sprinting on the spot well before your race”

I find a shot of coffee helps get the old BM happening too 😉

4 – When running and weight-loss are synonymous

Where do I start with this. Every single article I read on running, somewhere links back to weight loss. I run for a million reasons, I run to be strong, I run to be fit, I run to be healthier, I run to out-run the crazy some days…  I run for friendship and companionship (big props to Running Mums Australia for the support network!)

Even if I am running to change my body, articles about women’s running SHOULD NOT be all about weight-loss.

I shouldn’t have to worry about how to run to lose belly fat, and I shouldn’t have to worry about running til I don’t jiggle. See point 1  – My body is a bad-ass temple of awesomeness! In ALL of its shapes, sizes and metamorphoses.

5 – When Periods are something to be ashamed of.

I run. I bleed from my vagina approximately once a month. The mechanics of running mean that yeh, menstrual blood might escape. It’s not shameful. It’s my body being brilliant. (On a side note, I haven’t had the blood running down the leg thing since I got a good menstrual cup that fits my body. ) (On another side note, big shout out to Scarlet Eve for leak free jogs.)

Some women menstruate. Some women run. Sometimes this happens unexpectedly at the same time.

6 – That I’m expected to maintain impeccable appearance; while working my ass off.

I don’t know about you, but when I’m sweating, out of breath, and occasionally in a bit of pain, looking magazine ready is the last thing on my mind.

Regardless of the myriad of products telling me that if I only use them,  can be Disney princess sparkly….  the reality is:

  • Lipgloss smears
  • Mascara runs (I’ve managed to sweat off WATER PROOF mascara… go me!)
  • Foundation makes a downward bid for freedom, generally pooling in my sweaty, red, cleavage

I end up looking more like a clown that has been squirted with a trick-daisy, than a glamorous, fit, fitspo model.

Note to self: running selfies (relfies?!) should be taken BEFORE a run, so as not to terrify small children, or risk appearing in a Stephen King movie.

Better yet, why don’t we embrace the sweaty, red, reality of our fitness journey and ROCK it rather than photoshopping it!


I run, I sweat.


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