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Motivation Monday: Sparkly Mantras For Your Monday

Hello sparkly, beautiful people!

It’s MOTIVATION Monday! Huzzah!

Monday is a day where sometimes we need a little extra coffee, maybe a hug, or even just some springs for our steps.

Here at Polkadotsi we like to make your Monday sparkle! So here are a bunch of sparkly mantras to give you some zing!


Enjoy your Monday, and the rest of  your week, and if you need a little more motivation, try our other motivation mantras!

Motivation Monday: Body Love Mantras

Motivation Monday: Get Moving Mantras

Love that sparkly body of yours!


The Chloe

Project Body Love

Sparkly B*tch Take Your Damned Selfie And Own It!

If you’re anything like me your phone and hard-drive are FILLED with selfies! How do you feel when you take a selfie? Does it empower you? Do you LIKE taking a picture that you own, you’re in control of and you say what happens with it?
Yeh? So do I.


A selfie puts you in the picture AS you. You control the  gaze, you control the intention. It’s a way of saying “I look freaking sparkly today and I’m owning it”

Selfies are power baby yeh!

But it hasn’t stopped the entitled body shamers from trying to take us down.

Recently Reddit became home to a vile trend of Photoshop artists who took it upon themselves to “shop” women’s photos to make them appear slimmer.

Like this one of UK model Paulina.



“From Depressed Chub to elegant Fox”

Um, what the actual F**K!

Paulina shrugged the body-shaming comments off, and got the last laugh.


“I really love myself the way I am, so those comments didn’t get to me at all,” she added. “I am secure, and I’m a beautiful person, on the inside and out.”

Paulina’s modelling agency New Moon hit back with THIS bad-ass article.

But that doesn’t mean that all women are immune to the venom that pages like this one spit.

We are constantly told that in order to be healthy we need to be skinny. Which is utter bullsh*t! Bodies can be fierce and healthy at any size.

It seems that Instagram is flooded with people who think it’s OK to shame selfies as being too fat, too unfuckable, too skinny, or too whatever.

The simple fact of the matter is the selfies aren’t for them…

In my own case, if I take a selfie, and I share it- I choose to share it for me. I’m not sharing it for anyone to critique ro assign value to.

Here at Polkadotsi we encourage you to eat well, and move your body – because that keeps you healthy on the inside! But how you look and how you define your aesthetic is YOUR business, not ours.

So if you feel like taking a selfie, freaking do it. OWN that sucker.

If you see someone telling a woman that they are anything less than sparkly and fierce, speak out and shut them down. Say NO to body shame!


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Body Positive Life Hacks To Help You Love Your Rocking Bod

Oh no! Have you had a blah day? Let’s turn that frown upside down and get to sparkling!!

Enjoy our easy life hacks to help you get back into a space of body positivity!

Speak Kindly

Look at how you are speaking to yourself! Is it how you would speak to your friends? If it isn’t choose kind words. If your thinking is stinking then everything else is going to follow.

If you need a hand, check out some of our body positive mantras!

Change Your State

It’s really tricky to stay negative when you adopt a positive posture. Stand up straight body warrior, shoulders back, big breath, now shake what your mama gave you!

Or try a Tony Robbin’s trick and say something silly and unexpected “Fiddle dee dee my FEET don’t stink today’ (Heel click jump optional)

Shock your mind out of it’s rut by doing something unexpected.

Eat A Banana

Ok, Ok, the science behind the bananas curing depression thing is totally flawed… but if you’re feeling negative because you’re HANGRY, then a banana is a nutrient packed snack that can help boost your blood sugar and help you on your way back to loving yourself!

Turn Up The Tunes

Music is a delightful way to pump up the jam! Dancing optional but totally recommended! Pick tunes that remind you of happy times and make you feel uplifted!

ROCK OUT baby!

Have A Shower

Warm water, quiet time, and nice soapy bubbles?

You’re one steamy soiree away from feeling better!  And you can’t get more body positive than loving on yourself if you get my drift wink wink!

Get Outside

Ahhhh Nature! A bit of sunshine, vitamin D, fresh air, the birds chirping the grass under foot  – if that’s not enough to distract you from feeling blah, then add a bit of a workout!

Smash out some bodyweight workout and release those endorphins! They’re just begging to be free!

One Small Goal

Sometimes great things come from the smallest achievement. I like to try one small workout goal- because it comes with  the added benefit of liberated endorphins!


  • A dance to one song in the living room
  • A walk
  • A stretch
  • A set of 10 squats or push ups

Bodly love Life hacks


Photo credit: Steve Corey


10 Tips For Accepting Yourself Right Now

We get it. We absolutely get it. It is HARD to accept your body as it is right now. You’ve spent your entire life being told that self acceptance isn’t good enough.

From the second Disney told you that princesses are beautiful and villains are “ugly” … or the first magazine you read that taught you how to do your hair and makeup for “kissable lips” and every not so subtle attempt at undermining your confidence thereafter… we absolutely get it.

But woman, you ARE amazing. You are freaking PERFECT just as you are, right now. And you NEED to be able to look in that mirror and say “Damn it all, I am enough”

Here are some body love strategies to help you reclaim your unique, incredible beauty and self worth.

  1. STOP buying magazines. They are only there to make you feel inadequate.
  2. UNSUBSCRIBE from the feeds on social media that make you feel like you’re too fat, too hairy, or not enough
  3. STOP apologising for your body AND Start fiercely accepting it.
  4. CUT the tags off your clothes if the numbers make you feel anything less than incredible. You are worth MORE than those numbers
  5. THROW OUT your bathroom scales
  6. ACCEPT that NOW is now. Stop looking into the past or future for your body, you have an awesome one right now.
  7. EAT real food and enjoy it, nourish and fuel your beautiful, unique body.
  8. EXERCISE for joy! Move your body to release endorphins, to pump iron, and to get that glorious workout high
  9. SAY NO to body shame. Flip the bird to the food police, the fat police and the body police – it is ALL about them, not about you.
  10. BUY CLOTHES that make you feel incredible, and stop worrying about the size tag. It’s a meaningless number that varies from brand to brand regardless – choose for fit, comfort and how they make you FEEL.

Your body is the unique product of billions of years of evolution, and that alone means that it has survived generations of disease, war, plague, and human intervention. Show it some sparkly love!

Body Love Strategies (1)


Amazing Photo credit: Andrea Parrish – Geyer

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An Open Letter To Heidi Klum

Donald Trump told Heidi Klum that she is “Sadly no longer a 10”

Dare we say “eew, gross…. that’s hideous Donald, who the heck do you think you are?”

But we’re afraid that Mr Trump already has an inflated sense of self, and frankly Heidi Klum utterly owned her response check it out:

So it’s with a lot of admiration that we write Heidi an open letter:
Dear Heidi,

There are a couple of things that I need to say thank you for today…

Thank you for demonstrating to women world wide that someone else’s opinion does not matter.  I am so glad that you view yourself as more than a number, and even more importantly, more than someone else’s number

Thank you for demonstrating to my children that women are more than just objects. Even though your industry routinely objectifies, sexualises, and exploits women I am so glad that as an individual you don’t buy in.

I am so sorry that Donald Trump is in a position of influence and power, and his message gleaned an audience, but equally grateful that you used your position of power and reach to shut down his body-shaming with humor, dignity, and grace.

No one has the right to reduce you to a digit, and in doing so reduce all people to numbers that only quantify their appearance.

No one has the right to assign value to your worth by how f*ckable and saleable you are.

I am raising young men, and I need them to know that they have NO right to shame the bodies of women in their lives (nor anyone else’s)  I am raising young men who are inadvertently already consumers of mainstream media, and sadly already aware that skinny, attractive people are supposedly more valuable to society. (Have you ever seen an attractive villain in a children’s TV program?! Have you noticed how hard Enid Blighton fat shames the more slothenly characters in her books?)

Thank you for not buying in. Thank you for redirecting the misogynistic male gaze, and thank you for the giggle.


The Chloe – Polkadotsi.


Are you in the sparkliest group on the web? Join Polkadotsi’s Body Love Forum on Facebook today!



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Building A Support Network To Support Your Body Love Goals

If I had to sit down and write out my skill-set for my resume, the thing that I am most proud of is my ability to connect and network. I don’t identify as an extrovert, nor am I an introvert – I do thrive on interpersonal connections, but I’m quite selective in how I build my tribe.

Sometimes in life, you just need a support network so I’m going to share a few stories with you about how I have built my own “villages” and how I build my network.

Finding a parenting tribe

Back when my children were very young, Facebook was brand spanking new. Internet forums were all the rage, and most of us still connected by phone!

My parenting model has been gentle and respectful to my children, and I found that I didn’t fit into my council assigned mother’s group, who seemed very focused on routines, crying strategies, and getting their babes to sleep through the night.

As someone with a more or less breast-attached baby I needed a nurturing environment of people who encouraged and enabled my parenting style. So I did a few things:

  • I started a blog
  • I networked with other bloggers
  • I started a Facebook page
  • And I began chatting to people who associated in similar circles – I connected with doulas, and other attachment parents, and “baby wearers” and folks who used cloth diapers on their kiddies.

This was nearly 9 years ago now, and I have since sold my blog and facebook page to another amazing mama, and moved on in my life.

The friends I made in that time have mostly remained in my life – some of them are my closest, most dear friends. Some have taken entirely different journeys, some are still having babies.

My Entrepreneurial Network

Soon after I had babies, I started my career as a work at home mum. I started what was one of the first sites for Work at home mothers in Australia  – and that has grown into something entirely different now. Back in the day, we had over 1000 members who networked, chatted, and learnt from one another.

I produced webinars and seminars, and even ran events.

I wrote blog posts, and provided as much value to my tribe as I could. Again, some of the women I met in WAHM Network Australia have become my lifelong friends.

Educating my Kids

The next phase of my life was educating my children. From very early on we knew that we would home educate. It’s what suits our lifestyle and it’s what suits our way of doing things.

  • Again, I’m picky about what fits in my model! So I created an unschooling page for families in Perth, where I lived at the time.
  • I networked around in other educational forums, seeking out other unschoolers, seeking out other families who might have common interests.

Supporting My Fitness Goals

Recently I moved my entire family across the country to a new state. At the same time I started my newest fitness journey.

To begin with I joined a Facebook group with who I thought would be supportive, wonderful, inspiring women, and for a short while that facebook group was exactly what my networking soul needed.

I made fast friends, by being myself, and  chatting and being occasionally ferocious.

My ferocity sometimes gets me into trouble – and saw me unceremoniously booted out of the group without warning. This also took away my entire friendship network.

So to find my tribe this time around I took a similar approach to networking.

  • I started to blog about fitness and body image
  • I built my Facebook network
  • And I connected with anyone that I felt I had something in common with.
  • I talk in places where I feel loved and supported, and I do my best every day to make others feel loved and supported.

Basically if there is one take-away message from this post – proactively dig your well before you’re thirsty.



Ditch The Food Guilt And Eat a Damned Brownie!

Dear beautiful Polkadotsi readers.

Let’s chat about guilt. Specifically let’s talk about guilt around food.
Today, I was reading a fitness magazine and it was promoting guilt free brownies.

These brownies were refined white sugar free (but was packed full of honey and rice malt syrup) so meh. Apparently because they didn’t contain white sugar, I shouldn’t feel guilty about consuming them.

Um, back that horse up! Did these brownies murder a kitten? Did these brownies commit tax fraud? What am I meant to be feeling guilty about by association?

No, these are innocent, delicious brownies. Brownies that have never done anything to anyone other than sitting invitingly on a plate, warm and gooey, just waiting to be eaten.

These brownies are NOT a reason to feel guilty. The only thing you should feel if you indulge in a brownie, is the delicious rush of warm, gooey, molten chocolate as it slides down your throat.

Food should NEVER make you feel guilty, or ashamed.

Replacing white sugar with other high glycemic index sweeteners doesn’t reduce or increase the guilt factor of the food, any more than it increases or decreases the nutrition of the food.

It’s JUST food.
Delicious food.
Food that might just enrich your day if you enjoy it in moderation.

Ditch the food shame – those brownies don’t deserve the nasty labels and YOU don’t deserve the blackmailing from companies who don’t want you to love yourself.

Sparkle on you magnificent creation. Practise a moderate diet, mostly plants, with the occasional treats, and actually treat your body with compassion.

You are SO worth it!


Photo credit: Kitchen Life of a Navy Wife (*I believe this amazing link has the brownie recipe from the feature image… enjoy)


How To Choose Workout Clothes To Suit Your Body

This is a bit of a tongue in cheek because your workout clothes are just clothes, and whatever you feel comfortable in is a-ok with us!

However having spent the better part of the last year living in my sweat encrusted workout gear, there are certain features that might make squeezing your hot bod into Lycra a lot more comfortable.

So, here’s how to choose workout clothes to suit your body!

workout clothes


There’s a term that makes the rounds in the Polkdaotsi Facebook Group quite often “FoofyWoofy” it’s loose definition is stinky workout gear.

When choosing your gear, look for wicking materials like Supplex.  Basically, there are tights designed for sweating in, and there are tights that are designed for looking amazing in 🙂 Workout tights are far more comfortable if they take the sweat from your hot bod, and wick it elsewhere.

If you’re a runner, you definitely need sweat wicking materials. Cotton + Sweat = misery. Bad Chafey misery. Trust me, I’ve done it so you don’t have to.


Obviously choose outfits that fit you comfortably. Test them out in the change room! Don’t hesitate to squat, stretch, sprint on the spot, and bennnndddd to make sure your workout gear isn’t going to need to be hiked up, constantly picked out of bodily crevices. Also if it bothers you, check for see through butts when you’re squatting.

Speaking of crevices, us women possess a few folds and valleys, and there’s nothing less comfortable than having a vulva that vacuums up your workout gear.

A tip from my friend: diamond shaped crotch = no camel toe.

A tip from me: High waists hold in jiggly bellies and bums, but unless you get a well fitting inseam (Crotch depth) you’re going to have a vulva vacuum situation.


Oh the wonderful world of workout gear innovation… how I wish you would listen to me, and put ALL of my features into one workout piece.

Things I love:

  • Chest pockets with a media port
  • Or shoulder pockets with a media port (pop your MP3 player in, zip it up, forget about it)
  • Flat lock seams (chafe free, thank you very much!)
  • Hidden pockets. Seriously, hide them on the back, in the side seam, pockets are useful.
  • Media ports near the shoulder, for those of us who stuff our phone in our bras (guilty)
  • Vents.  Vent panels are good!
  • Cotton crotch –  better yet, wicking cotton crotch (no foofywoofy)
  • Drawstrings that don’t disappear into the waist band
  • Thumb holes


Photo credit: Kirkland Signature Yoga Pants



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That Period Article: Running a Marathon On Your Rag

When I got my first period, I was too embarrassed to tell my mum. Too embarrassed to go to the shops and buy pads, and when eventually got sick of throwing out my bled on undies and bought pads, I was too embarrassed to change them at school for fear of being heard by someone in the toilets.

What  the hell right?

Sadly, my experience is  far from unique.

I sobbed with the collective tears of sisterhood when I read Kiran Ghandi’s piece on running London Marathon on her period. Her amazing article has since gone viral and been discussed with love and hate across the blogosphere.

This is Polkadotsi, and we are all about body love. So Kiran, you freaking ROCK woman!

You rock for so many reasons:

  • For de-stigmatizing periods.
  • For opening discussion about one of the most hushed up aspects of womanhood.
  • And for running 26.2 miles!

While I write from the my creature comforts of privilege, I am devastated  that across the world women’s reproductive health remains silenced, shamed, and stigmatized.

Girls in Africa still only learn about their period once they GET it…  and then so many of them have to deal with their menses with improvised menstrual hygiene products, and no clean water and latrines.  Many women in India face the same challenges. 

Period Shame

There is so much we can do better- so let’s start with a few small things that each of us can achieve right now.

Luna Pads has a WICKED cool Pads for Girls Initiative

Scarlet Eve has a suspended Pads initiative

SHE has an initiative that assists women to manufacture and distribute reusable menstrual products


Photo credit: Kiran Ghandi

Ronda Rousey
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Ronda Rousey: Body Love Champion?

Pro athlete, tough as nails, Ronda Rousey is a knockout. Daughter of a judo champion, this kick-arse chick is on a roll in Women’s fighting.

The champion UFC fighter took down the previously undefeated fighter Bethe Correia on August 1st to win UFC 190 in just 34 seconds, rocketing her into the spotlight in more ways than one.

Like so many women in sports, she has been forced to defend herself against body shamers who insist that muscles on women are masculine, unsexy, and not feminine.

We call BULLSH*T, and so does she. It would seem that this chick has taken the hateful comments and turned them into fuel for her personal fire.

-Just because my body was developed for

Smack DOWN!

Her bad-ass comeback to  the body-shamers has spurred a flurry of “Strong is the new skinny” and “Strong is the new sexy” type mantras through fitspo channels on social media.

Again, we’re calling BULLSH*T. There is NO ONE body type, there is NO RIGHT WAY to look, act, or be.

And it would seem, so does Ronda.

(yeh, yeh, we get that her choice of words isn’t flying the feminist flag – and we also get that she’s said some pretty dumb stuff about trans-gender athletes (And there’s no excuse for that… I’m looking at you Ronda!)) Personally, I’m hoping that position on a body-love pedestal might inspire her to use her powers for good.

Frankly though, when can we cut a break, if we’re not too fat, we’re too fit, too skinny or too tall.  I say F**K  it. Love your body, treat it with respect and be fierce.

Take a leaf out of Ronda’s book, and tell the haters to shove it.


Photo Credit: Disney | ABC Television Group