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September 2015

Project Body Love

Love Letters And A Magical Tin In The Kitchen

Sometimes we like to challenge you with little activities that will help you fall more magnificently in love with your body!

After my grandmother passed, I was helping my dad clean up the kitchen, and we found an old biscuit tin. Inside was a stack of handwritten letters between her sister and her, her dear friends and her, and her husband and her.

The tin smelled of my darling grandmother, and the letters did too. They were an absolute delight to stumble across. Her gorgeous, flowing, handwriting and heartfelt letters, written in a time when we took, time…

So here’s a fun exercise I would love you to try; love letters !!

love letters

Set yourself some quiet time, and make your environment as cozy as you can, with lovely music, some incense and make a cup of tea.

For this exercise you don’t need anything special, but if you like stationery and fine things, feel free to get your hands on some lovely paper and pens. Personally, I love brush pens, lots of colour, and a lot of sparkly stuff…

Then all you have to do is write!

  • Write a love letter to a dear friend, tell them how much they mean to you, remind them of how special they are, and picture their face when they open it!
  • Write a love letter to your child either to open now, or to open on a special day…
  • Write a love letter to yourself telling yourself all of the wonderful things you admire about yourself.
  • Then seal those envelopes with a kiss, perhaps a spritz of your perfume, and address and send them.
  • Or fill a tin with little love notes to yourself.
  • Or jot down compliments you receive, and keep them…

What a gift you have just created!

Maybe this is something you could create a habit of? Perhaps you could have your own tin in the kitchen filled with treasures…


Photo credit:Julie Edgley


Body Love Project: Week 1 Wrap Up

Well this has been an interesting week for me!

This week I have exercised intuitively, eaten intuitively, spent conscious time tuning into my body and trying to love on it, respect it, and generally look after it a LOT more!

Hey body, you’re awesome!



Exercise this week has involved:

  • 2 trips to the gym (As opposed to my regular routine of 5-7)
  • walks with my children nearly every day
  • romps on playground equipment
  • a few body weight exercises with the kids to demonstrate burpees (their idea not mine 🙂 )

No runs, because I’m nursing a back injury that seems to flare up when I run…


Our diet is pretty balanced most of the time, so nothing much has changed on the food front, except that when my darling other half has cooked a steak dinner with a side of steak, I added salad too!

I’ve been out for a cake and coffee once this week, and it was  freaking awesome!

Self Care

I’ve spent FAR too many nights up late this week without sleep. I’ve been burning the  candle at both ends, and that has been a massive bottle neck in my mental wellbeing.

Basically I’ve been writing the Body Love Challenge (that you can subscribe and play along with)  and speaking with glorious people on the other side of the world.

Tonight is the LAST night this week I’ll do this… I swear!

I HAVE been roaring my mantra, and I HAVE been brainstorming my own self care issues, so that’s been really positive for me!tiger!

I also had some fun, and tried out some makeup! Makeup is something that SERIOUSLY terrifies me, so this was a tonne of fun!

Makeup selfie



I was bursting with enthusiastic energy right up until Friday, when lack of sleep, lack of food (yes I experience HANGRY) and not not quite enough human interaction to nourish my extrovert soul resulted in a full blown tanty!

Clothes were thrown, doors were slammed, feet were stomped and tears were shed.

I was unceremoniously bundled in a blanket and sent back to bed by my ever patient husband.

A nap, and cake later – I felt fantastic!!


Body Love Challenge

You can totally play a long with me, join the body love challenge here!

Project Body Love

Setting Space For You

Too often we don’t make space for ourselves in our lives. We get so caught up in the day to day obligatory duties that we forget that unless we are OK ourselves, we are unable to take care of anyone else.

One of the simplest methods of self care and self love is simply to set aside non-negotiable time for pampering.

The pampering is great, but the self love part comes from making that time.
We make time for all of the others in our lives, some of them demand time, some of them we give time to.
But it’s equally important that we say “I am worthy of my own attention”

Giving yourself space can be as simple (and equally complex) as learning to say no. Learning to fiercely respect your own time and energy, and not let others impede upon that.

Giving yourself space can be negotiating “me time” with your partner, where you’re allowed to have uninterupted time away.

Giving yourself time and space can be as simple as lighting incense and having quiet time before the family wakes up, or after they go to bed.

Pamper yourself by all means. Take the time to go to the beautician/hair salon or whatever uplifts you, but remember that the conscious self respect is what self love is all about.

Practise it, daily if you can!

Sparkle on!



Photo credit: Take Back Your Health Conference


Paleo Pete: Modern Day Hero or Snake Oil Charlatan

The tanned, trim, and incredibly sparkly toothed Pete Evans is copping a lot of criticism for his Paleo Diet, and we are going to examine if his media baptism of fire is warranted, or if we should all be bowing down to Mr Evans and hailing his as the new cure for cancer.

Wait what? Did I just say cure for cancer? Let’s debunk that one right there – there can be no cure for cancer, cancer is the collective term for hundreds of different diseases. Anyone who claims that a certain ingredient is a cure for cancer is most definitely a snake oil selling charlatan. But, I digress.

Back to Paleo Pete. Let’s look at a few of his claims:

Bone Broth is an adequate whole food for infants – Nope!

Hold the phone…. let’s not throw the baby out with the bone broth, but this is a ridiculous and quite a dangerous recommendation.

Firstly the World Health Organisation recommends human milk as the optimum source of nutrition for infants exclusively for at least the first 6 months of an infant’s life.

That alone means that bone broth is definitely a no no…

We are incredibly lucky to live in a world where we have good substitutes for baby feeding, and while I could argue that formula companies could act in more ethical (I’m looking at you Nestle) and healthy ways, with access to clean water babies will thrive on formula when breast-milk isn’t available.

Bone Broth has been slammed by doctors as having a dangerously high level of vitamin A – meaning that without medical supervision, babies could die.

Professor Heather Yeatman from the Public Health Association said some of the recipes were potentially dangerous for infants.

“There appears to be recommendations not to use either breast milk or an approved infant formula, but to provide other foods to infants under six months of age and that really is a big health risk,” Professor Yeatman said.

“There’s been discussion about a beef broth with mashed up liver as part of a recipe. Now something like that might be appropriate for an older child, but under six months of age, really the best option [is] breast milk.”

“There appears to be recommendations not to use either breast milk or an approved infant formula, but to provide other foods to infants under six months of age and that really is a big health risk,” Professor Yeatman said.

There you have it… the experts are OUT on feeding an infant bone broth (Which as a side note, is a fancy word for stock) 

Paleo Cures Disease – Or Not…

Pete’s page is filled with “testimonials” of people claiming to have ‘cured’ so many of their ailments. The Chef himself seems to be quite happy to allow them to spruik their vitriol on his page, but is clever enough to never actually say in writing that his diet cures disease.

However, by letting and encouraging his readership to post about their miracle cures, he is essentially endorsing their statements, and that is misleading and charlatan in it’s own way.

The science is out on this one we’re afraid Pete… you’re not a doctor.

 Polkadotsi Says:

Any diet model that has you eating less sugar, salt and processed  foods, and more  fruit and vegetables is GREAT in our books.

However the BIG issues we take with Paleo Pete and his merry crew are:

  1. They aren’t doctors – and they are promoting a diet model without the guidance of registered dieticians or GPs,
  2. They allow their followers to indirectly imply that Paleo cures disease. This is irresponsible and dangerous,
  3. They advocate cutting out entire food groups…. NOT something recommended by doctors,

So conclusively – our  take on the issue is: eat in moderation. Mostly plants. Enjoy  your food without guilt.

Photo Credit: Ahmed Rabea



Gym Etiquette 101

Hey there sparkly thing! We are here to make your body love journey easy – and if you’re a gym bunny or an aspiring gym bunny then we would LOVE to share with you our list of gym etiquette tips!

 Wipe the machines

I shouldn’t have to say this, but nearly every time I go to the gym, there is some sort of sweaty human liquid on the machines. Eew!

Headphones mean “I’m focusing”

There’s a time and place for socialising, and sometimes that can be the squat rack, but if the ‘phones are on, it’s not time to engage.

 Mirrors are for form

And selfie moments occasionally – but don’t be a douche, check the mirror to make sure someone isn’t using it to watch their form.

 That phone call with your mum can wait

Or your bestie, or your lawyer (true story) I listened to an animated conversation between one guy and his lawyer about his ex partner. I know far too much. Phones and gyms = awks. Don’t be that person. Nobody likes that person.

Personal Hygiene

Be clean, smell unnoticeable, and respect your fellow sweaty people.


I’m lucky enough to go to a tiny boutique gym – but there is 1 squat rack. Do you know how popular that squat rack is… If it’s a busy night or you happen to have picked the one machine that everyone wants, be very conscious of the time restrictions, or let others work in during your sets.

Put Stuff Back

This is a pet peeve of mine at my gym. The gym balls belong in a certain place, but every time I come in, they’re scattered about the gym, along with barbells and the occasional medicine ball.

Be courteous 🙂 Put stuff back!


Photo Credit: Πανεπιστήμιο Μακεδονίας – University of Macedonia