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April 2016


3 Tips For Self Love with Seryna Myers: Polkadotsi Body Love Podcast

Oh how I loved chatting with Seryna, the bubbly, vivacious personality behind

This Canadian tea aficionado knows a thing or two about self love and self care, and is such a joy to chat with.

Seryna Myers  is a self-care mentor and Global Ambassador for the Body Image Movement who helps big-hearted women direct some of their loving attention INWARD. Seryna is a formerly burned-out business babe who helps women recover from their addiction to busy-ness by empowering them with easy self-care rituals they can use in their daily lives. She is the creatress of The Goddess Experience and splits her love and affection between essential oils and loose leaf teas equally.

In this episode we chatted about actionable self love strategies that could be put into place on a daily basis.

You can connect with Seryna at

or at her Facebook Group: the Self Care Revolution


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3 Tips for Self Care with Seryna Myers