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September 2017


Episode 13: Rethinking Movement with Shane Harvey

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In this episode I get really uncomfortable with some of my ignorance with one of my most interesting guests yet; Shane Harvey from Muscle Potentiation.

Shane Harvey specialises in injury rehabilitation, exercise and education. He is the only Australian to completed the Resistance Training Specialist Certification in the USA, which is the pinnacle of exercise mechanics globally.

For those of us playing along at home, that means Shane works with people who’ve hurt themselves, and through the RTS method, he helps them move pain free again.

More than that, Shane is a passionate advocate for accountability and evidence in the personal training industry, encouraging students to relentlessly question the status quo.

How would he change the world? Pain free movement. I’m down with that.

You can get in contact with Shane here:


Episode 12: Community Fitness, and Getting Guys to Move with Luke Burles

Podcast Episode 12: Body Positivity is for Men Too with Luke Burles

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In this episode I chat with Luke Burles from Ultim8 U  Health and Fitness up in sunny Burpengary, Queensland. Luke is doing some awesome things in our industry by bringing together his community to get them to eat, move and think because they love themselves.

Through his community programs, Luke is changing lives by encouraging people of all ages to get active, eat well and live healthier lives.

I particularly enjoyed chatting with Luke about how body positivity is important for men too. So often we focus the conversation on women’s issues – but men need encouragement to feel great about their bodies and Luke has some great tips to help the men in your life find a body positive approach to fitness.

You can get in touch with Luke and his crew here:







Podcast Episode 11: Healing our Relationship with Movement with Jodie Arnot


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They say never meet your heroes, but I have to admit it was a total blast meeting Jodie Arnot from Healthy Balance Fitness, and co-founder of the moderation movement.

Jodie Arnot is the director of multi award winning Healthy Balance Fitness, and is co-founder of The Moderation Movement.  She’s almost ready to celebrate 20 years in the fitness industry!  During that time Jodie has enjoyed many roles including ‘old school’ aerobics instruction, gym management, personal training, group training, running coaching and lecturing in the Cert III & IV in Fitness.

She is now focusing on how our body image affects our relationship with movement and presents to fitness professionals, parents, students, and the general public on how they can have a more peaceful relationship with physical activity and their own bodies.  She works with The Butterfly Foundation, and is in her final year of her Masters in Counselling at Monash University.

In this episode Jodie and I chat about 6 ways to heal your relationship with movement, and really body positive ways to incorporate movement into our lives.

There were several parts of this interview where I was literally fist pumping, because Jodie’s approach to training people to move their bodies in joyous, uplifting and soul nurturing ways is SO in alignment with my philosophies.

I think the take away message from this podcast is that you ARE worthy, and not a number. You’re amazing even if you DON’T move at all. We aren’t defined by how we move our bodies, but movement is such an uplifting, health bringing activity we can engage in. It’s more than just burning calories.

You can get in touch with Jodie and the team at Healthy Balance Fitness here:



Podcast Episode 10: Changing the Face of Women’s Fitness with Michelle Wright

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I’m really excited about sharing this episode of the Polkadotsi Body Love podcast with you! I got to chat with one of my heroes; Michelle Wright from MishFit.

Mish is one of the driving forces changing women’s fitness here in Australia and quietly, between you and me, her influence reaches far wider. If there’s a shift in our industry  towards more woman friendly training, it’s due to the amazing work that Mish and others are putting in.

In this episode we chat about her upcoming Women’s Health and Fitness Summit which is going to be absolutely amazing.  Bringing together some of the most wonderful thought leaders in women’s fitness from around the world, the day is a MUST ATTEND for anyone who works with women.

I could barely contain my excitement in this episode, and Mish shares some wonderful insights into the fluidity of women’s hormones, how we need to train differently and the different stages of our fitness lives.

I really love that she points out that fitness is for EVERY body, and that there’s room for all of us in the industry.

You can get in touch with Mish at and 



Podcast Episode 9: Revolutionising Fitness Registration with Dennis Hosking from FITREC

In this episode I chat with Dennis Hosking from

I got in touch with Dennis after having discovered a new registration service for Fitness Professionals in Australia, FITREC.

Working in this industry and wanting to maintain the most professional approach to my career as possible, I was keen to ensure that I registered with an industry body and kept my own ongoing professional development up to date. I researched the other providers that offer registration, asked questions but was left feeling a little lack lustre about what our peak bodies offered in terms of value for investment.

I have a vision for what I want to achieve in this industry, and it looks like this:

  • Assist as many fitness professionals as possible to be excellent
  • Promote movement for ALL bodies.
  • Promote women’s health and women’s fitness interests.

Enter FITREC-  a new registration service that is ACTIVELY partnering and supporting companies and people that I feel are moving the industry forward for the better.

It’s promoting transparency and pro-activeness for fitness professionals, and Dennis’ vision of changing the world by getting more people active could NOT be more in alignment with my own. Infact, in the interests of transparency, and professionalism, here’s MY profile!

I’m excited to support and help spread the word about FITREC as in my personal opinion the time is nigh for transparency, excellence, and new energy in the Australian Fitness Industry.

If you’re a fitness professional, you  can register with FITREC, upload your ongoing education (not limited to CECs) review courses you’ve participated in, upload peer reviews from your clients, colleagues and employers, and maintain a profile that shows your expertise as a fitness professional.

Useful Links for Fitness Professionals and Students

Register your profile here as a fitness professional:

Information for fitness students here at Healthy People:

Student registration at FITREC: