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October 2017


Podcast Episode 16: Evolving from Self Loathing to Self Love with Emma Polette

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In this episode I chat to a woman who has truly walked the talk in terms of self love revolution!

Emma Polette is The Body Love Coach. She is a 44-year-old health coach, personal trainer & yoga teacher. Her clients call her a real woman for real women.

She has run her business Blue Sky Vitality for over 4 years. After spending most of her life thinking a flat tummy would solve all her problems, things changed in early 2017 when she had a hysterectomy to treat her Stage 4 endometriosis. Emma decided her body had been punished enough and has made it her mission to help women live bright & energetic lives free from calorie counting and flogging themselves at the gym.

We chat about how self compassion and the internal work we need to do around body positivity is just as important as the physical work.

You can get in contact with Emma here:

facebook is @blueskyvitalitycoach
and insta is @blueskyvitality


How much more brain power would we have if we stopped worrying about how we look

Podcast Episode 16: Evolving from self loathing to self love with Emma Polette

Podcast Episode 15: Post Natal Body Positivity with Bernetta Billing

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In this episode I chat to the hilarious and incredible Bernetta Billing!

Bernetta is the instructor for Kangatraining Sandgate & Redcliffe. She introduced Kangatraining to NZ as the Country Leader for New Zealand and the Instructor in the Taranaki region.

She loves sharing Kangatraining with the Mums of Sandgate and Redcliffe. Body positivity is something she feels very strongly about focusing on moving for enjoyment and celebrating what your body is capable of instead of what it looks like.

Her other passion is pelvic floor health, after experiencing pelvic organ prolapse after the birth of her first child, Bernetta is an advocate for pelvic floor awareness, education and not being ashamed of having a vagina.

We giggle about jiggly bellies, wibbly wobbly bums, plucking wedgies, and how to choose swimwear that is practical for post natal bodies.

I loved this interview because Bernetta is so real, approachable and down to earth about body positivity and motherhood.

Bernetta self identifies as the friend who asks about her  friend’s pelvic floors after they’ve had their babies. She is a beautiful example of how as women we can change the conversation around birth and recovery, and how we need to talk about prolapse and pelvic floors.

You can get in contact with Bernetta here:

Website :

Facebook :

Instagram : Kangatraining.Sandgate

Episode 14: A New Look at Post Partum Fitness with Jessie Mundell

Podcast Episode 14: A New Look at Post Partum Fitness with Jessie Mundell

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Let’s talk about fan-girl moments for a minute. In this episode I chat with Jessie Mundell. Jessie is the reason that I decided to steer Polkadotsi towards focusing on post-partum fitness, and really focus on helping women heal, build, and fall radically in love with their bodies.

So you can only begin to imagine how excited I was to record this episode!

For those of you playing along at home,

Jessie is the creator of the Postnatal Fitness Specialist Academy, the Core + Floor Restore series, and the To Pregnancy & Beyond program.

She’s focused on effective exercise during pregnancy, rehab of the core and pelvic floor for moms, postpartum and C-section recovery, teaching women how to eat and exercise effortlessly, and having women feel incredible in their bodies.

We chatted about how she has moved from encouraging women to focus on fat loss, through her mindset shift  to teaching them to build strong, amazing bodies.

We also also chatted about her INCREDIBLE upcoming academy for trainers, and anyone else who works with mums and pregnant women; (doulas, midwives, group fitness instructors, I’m looking at you!) The Postnatal Fitness Specialist Academy.  This is a program that touches on SO many facets that are important for post partum women, including racism, body image, pelvic health, nutrition and so much more.

Jessie teaches women the questions we should be asking of our trainers so as not to get hurt in our fitness pursuits, and encourages women to steer the conversations about pelvic floors, diastasis recti, and prolapse with their trainers.

I was super excited to have Jessie on the show, because she is changing our industry for the better.

You can get in contact with Jessie here:



Instagram: @jessiemundell