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January 2018


Podcast Episode 17: Rock the Mum Tum with Emily Smith


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Allow me to introduce Emily Smith, Personal Trainer, Mum to 2 children and a Mums Mindset coach. Her journey in fitness really only started when she had her first child. She was never into sport and was always the girl in high school who made excuses during PE.

She was exercising in her early 20s for aesthetic reasons – she wanted a 6 pack. Then once Emily had her daughter she realised she needed exercise for her mental health, and didn’t give a damn about the 6 pack any longer.

Rock the mum tum: Emily Smith

In this episode, I chat to Emily about her journey from aesthetic workout junkie to body positive personal trainer and mum of two.

Emily is a breath of fresh air in our industry, and works with her clients to help them make movement as much of a habit as brushing their teeth.

You can get in touch with Emily here: