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4 Fun-Fit Positions for Sexercise

We’re obsessed with getting – or doing – two things for the price of one, aren’t we? It’s like one thing isn’t good enough anymore. We want to multitask and maximize our time, and we want our favorite things to be made even better by being combined with something equally amazing. It’s the mindset that gave birth to cronuts, and it’s the reason scientists continue to research how many calories we burn during sex… and the reason we keep wanting to brush up on their findings.

Despite scientists’ best efforts, their research on whether sex really is good exercise is still pretty inconclusive. They agree that an average sex session burns more calories than a leisurely walk – but not as many as a jog. If you’re thinking you can quit your gym membership and just have more sex you might be jumping the gun a little – although it really depends on the kind of sex you’re having, and how much effort you’re putting in to work those love muscles.

Intent on swapping the boredom of the treadmill for sexercise? Here are a few positions that could help you increase the burn.

Standing Screw

Have you mastered the tricky art of screwing while standing? Obviously, you’re going to be working a little harder – and using different muscles – if you’re getting it on vertically rather than horizontally. You might have to stand on your tiptoes, but you’ll tone your butt and legs.

Thigh-Master Kneel

Have your partner kneel opposite you, then slide on top of him, so your thighs are either side of his. You’ll have greater support while kneeling, but you’ll still work your thighs and gluteal muscles.

Double-Whammy Bridge

Lay on your back and form an arch by bending your legs and raising your butt off the bed, then have your lover move between your legs and enter you as he supports your hips with his hands. This position can be great for clitoral and G-spot stimulation – and it will provide an unbeatable workout for your bum and legs.

Core-Crazy Coitus

This is a variation on the Double-Whammy Bridge, but instead of forming an arch with your back, you’ll want to raise your butt even higher and have your outstretched legs resting against your partner’s shoulders. Be sure to support your lower back with your hands, and try and keep your legs reasonably straight. You’ll work your bum and legs, as well as your arms and your core.

What’s your favorite sexercise? Have you mastered a tricky position you think every woman should keep in her fun-fitness arsenal?

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  • Reply Alger Caldwell April 21, 2015 at 7:15 am

    That’s really awesome and interesting post about Sexercise…. Really Creative and informative info… Thigh-Master Kneel, looks the better option among them.

    • Reply Chloe April 22, 2015 at 6:55 am

      The bridge gives you a full body workout….. if you’re fit enough to hold it 🙂

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