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Are Millennials The Hookup Generation?

Are We Actually The Hookup Generation?

The age of Tinder, and the casual hookup has given Millennials and iGens the reputation of being all about the bone.

But according to this study it seems that my generation is doing anything but the horizontal samba with frequent and multiple partners.

What’s driving this sexual dry spell?

Why Is It Happening All Over The World?

Around the world iGens, particularly women are just NOT  having sex. To the point where it’s reached crisis point in countries like Japan.

The aging population and declining birth rate in Japan has literally had the government intervene in the sex lives of it’s younger generation. To encourage them to not only shag, but also make babies.

The Swedes are taking one for team orgasm and are organising studies into declining sexual satisfaction. And even America is encouraging university students to go on dates. Well, SOME of America that is.. <side eye at the deep south>

Are We Smarter? Is It Sexual Freedom?

Does emotional connection play into quality sex?

According to some who know far more than me, great sex can happen in hookups but sustainable, frequent, soul satisfying banging happens over time as the emotional connection grows.

Perhaps our liberated sexual freedom actually tindered our sexual burn  out (see what I did there).

Love and emotional connection *can* keep the fire burning, but certainly aren’t necessary for it.

Are We Lacking in Education?

There are progressive countries leaping forwards  with sex positive education, and teaching their youngsters about safer sex, gender diversity, and pleasure and consent. Then there’s well, everyone else.

The country I reside in is divided as to whether or not we should be speaking to children about their genitals, and horrified at the concept of genderless bathroom stalls.

And yet, we also have ridiculously high rates of STIs.

Maybe the nihilism and dark humour we’ve all adopted has affected our sex drives to the point where we just literally cannot even anymore.

Is it education or is it that we’re all dipping our bits in the petri-dish of social shagging with abandon? If you ask me, it’s both.

Survey a bunch of 30 something women, and it’s alarming the myths, mis-truths, and old wives tales that still perpetuate our sexual knowledge. Survey a bunch of 30 something men, and it’s even more alarming.

Can We Blame The Baby Boomers?

I’m a Gen Y, and everything that is wrong with the world ever, is clearly the fault of the boomers. We revel in a destroyed economy, watch as the planet shrivels, and our politicians argue about money instead of effecting real change, and get blamed for wanting, craving, just needing a piece of gorramed avocado toast.

Is it the Boomers to blame?

Let’s run with maybe.

Let’s run with the collective depression of a generation left to clean up the mess of our predecessors in a way unprecedented throughout history. This shit is huge.

Maybe the nihilism and dark humour we’ve all adopted has affected our sex drives to the point where we just literally cannot even anymore.


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