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Bare or Bush?

According to the all-seeing and all-knowing internet, an increasing number of Gen Y Women are lifting the ban on the bush and opting to sport an au naturel muff, as opposed to the basically-bare pubic hair trend that has been firmly entrenched for the past decade.

Women’s magazines and websites have been declaring since late last year, often in big shouty caps, that THE BUSH IS BACK. So yeah. You officially have permission to ditch the hot wax and let your lady garden (worst. saying. ever.) go wild because it’s so on trend right now.

Whatever, internets. Go home, you’re drunk. STFU and just focus on Hey Girl memes and LOL cats, okay?

Your Pussy, Your Preference

In case I haven’t quite expressed my augh-I’m-totes-eye-rolling-right-now well enough, let me be clear on my thoughts. Your body, your choice babes. You really don’t need permission from the arbitrary trend forecasters of this world to decide what kind of ‘do’ you sport under your squirrel covers (I’m sorry, that term is so cringe-inducingly bad it’s hilarious).

Your vulva and how you choose to style the hair it sprouts is your business, and how you feel about your body shouldn’t be dictated by what The Media or The Internet or Society is currently calling the flavor of the month.  

Go With What Feels Good For You

If you prefer having a fuzzy foo foo, just roll with it. You’ll save yourself valuable time and money you could be investing in other activities by not cultivating a personal relationship with Rochelle down at the over-priced salon. If you prefer the feeling, sensation and look of being all-but hairless, don’t think for a second you’re going to have to suffer through an itchy regrowth phase just to have your twinkie fit the current ideal. If you like to mix it up, wax when you wanna, and don’t when you don’t. Simple.

The only voice you should really be listening to when it comes to the state of your snatch or the coifed-ness of your cunny is your own.  Your friends don’t care, your kids don’t care, your dog doesn’t care. Your partner, if they’re honest, probably has a preference (it’s only natural – don’t you have a preference when it comes to how they maintain their hair or beard or moustache or body hair or ball fuzz?), but if they’re a keeper they’re going to be far more interested in you feeling happy and confident and sexy than aesthetics or the odd unruly stray.

Safety First, Always

The only thing I will ask of you, please, is to be kind to yourself and be safe if you do opt for any form of hair removal. As a woman who once, in her teens, gave herself severe chemical burns from an unspeakably nasty depilatory cream accident, I can attest to the emotional and physical pain that can come from public hair catastrophe. Seriously. I had to call the free health hotline in a panic and was walking like John Wayne for at least two days afterwards. Definitely not cute.

Hey, while you’re down there! Be sure to give yourself regular vulval health checks. Your health is far more important that ensuring your landing strip isn’t crooked.

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