Benefits of weight training for women

The Benefits of Weight Training for Women (no you won’t bulk up)

There are so many benefits of weight lifting for women!

Weight training was once the domain of sweaty, bulky, occasionally glistening, ahem pardon me, I got a bit distracted!It was once the domain of men, and the weight room at the gym still reeks of testosterone and man sweat, but it’s changing, as women realise how awesome working with weights is for their bodies, their state of mind, and their confidence!

No matter what athletic pursuits you’re engaging in, there are benefits of lifting for you! It’s never too late to start lifting, and weight training benefits all ages. And no, before you ask, you won’t get bulky!

It Protect Against Osteoporosis

Resistance training is one of the best strategies for increasing bone mineral density. Without good bone mineral density, we’re at risk of oosteoporosis brittle, easy to break bones.

In addition to good nutrition, weight training is one of the best things we have in our arsenal against brittle bones.

The main benefits of BUILDING bone mineral density occur right up until our mid 30s, but even after that, it’s beneficial to strength train, to maintain what density we have, and keep us mobile

You Will Gain Overall Strength!

Strength just makes life easy. I’m a mum of four little boys, the amount of lifting, shifting, and shoving that I do day to day is phenomenal. Being stronger just makes life easy.

Jar to open? I’ve got that. Groceries to lug? I’ve got that. Horse to rustle, I’ve.. no wait, that’s not me.

Being strong means we are more independent, we can enjoy our day to day activities more, and again, as we age we’re able to stay more mobile.

 You’ll Reduce Pain And Risk Of Injury

I’m testifying here personally as the long term sufferer of a sacro illiac joint injury… Being stronger, particularly in my glutes has meant that my pain is MUCH less. My range of motion is MUCH better and I’m able to function.

Lower back injuries represent a huge proportion of the pain that people complain about, and much of it can be managed and reduced with strength training.

You’ll Improve Your Performance Across Other Sports

Weight training complements all other athletic pursuits. Those of us who run or play a team sport will definitely benefit from being stronger.

You WON’T Get Bulky

Women simply do not possess the testosterone required  to bulk up like the guys do, without help from medication. Combined with our high levels of oestrogen, the lack of testosterone ensures that we remain non-bulky. Sorry, no Schwarzenegger for you.

You Will Get Some Kick Ass Muscles Though!


So you might not walk out of the gym looking like Arnie, but you will gain muscle. Toned, strong, muscles are awesome though, right?!

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