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Body Positive Life Hacks To Help You Love Your Rocking Bod

Oh no! Have you had a blah day? Let’s turn that frown upside down and get to sparkling!!

Enjoy our easy life hacks to help you get back into a space of body positivity!

Speak Kindly

Look at how you are speaking to yourself! Is it how you would speak to your friends? If it isn’t choose kind words. If your thinking is stinking then everything else is going to follow.

If you need a hand, check out some of our body positive mantras!

Change Your State

It’s really tricky to stay negative when you adopt a positive posture. Stand up straight body warrior, shoulders back, big breath, now shake what your mama gave you!

Or try a Tony Robbin’s trick and say something silly and unexpected “Fiddle dee dee my FEET don’t stink today’ (Heel click jump optional)

Shock your mind out of it’s rut by doing something unexpected.

Eat A Banana

Ok, Ok, the science behind the bananas curing depression thing is totally flawed… but if you’re feeling negative because you’re HANGRY, then a banana is a nutrient packed snack that can help boost your blood sugar and help you on your way back to loving yourself!

Turn Up The Tunes

Music is a delightful way to pump up the jam! Dancing optional but totally recommended! Pick tunes that remind you of happy times and make you feel uplifted!

ROCK OUT baby!

Have A Shower

Warm water, quiet time, and nice soapy bubbles?

You’re one steamy soiree away from feeling better!  And you can’t get more body positive than loving on yourself if you get my drift wink wink!

Get Outside

Ahhhh Nature! A bit of sunshine, vitamin D, fresh air, the birds chirping the grass under foot  – if that’s not enough to distract you from feeling blah, then add a bit of a workout!

Smash out some bodyweight workout and release those endorphins! They’re just begging to be free!

One Small Goal

Sometimes great things come from the smallest achievement. I like to try one small workout goal- because it comes with  the added benefit of liberated endorphins!


  • A dance to one song in the living room
  • A walk
  • A stretch
  • A set of 10 squats or push ups

Bodly love Life hacks


Photo credit: Steve Corey

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