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Trampoline worthy pelvic floor
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Kick It With The Kegels: Better Orgasms With A Toned Up Pelvic Floor

So you’ve been scratching your head for months now, wondering just what the @#7*! is this ‘core’ that your hot, bouncy Pilates instructor has been enthusing about …so buckle up kids and let’s find out a little bit more about the pelvic floor! Your pelvic floor (PF) is the group of muscles that supports your spine, bladder and bowel and, for women, it also holds in some important lady bits, like the uterus (womb). That’s right; both men and women have a big, fat PF. Awesome!

But, what’s even more awesome about your PF, is that if you spend time maintaining and developing that area, not only is it important to your body alignment , ‘structural integrity’ (captain) and ability to hold your wee,  but it can also lead to some mind blowing orgasms! Now we’re talking.

A good PF can boost sexual sensations, improve men’s erectile function (help you get it up and keep it up) and give you greater orgasmic control, potential and strength.  Wow!

So, now I have your attention, what’s the key to a PF as taut and supple as that trampoline that post-natal mums eye off so nervously??

It’s simple. Get your Kegels on and boost that booty!

Kick It With The Kegels

You’ve probably heard of Kegels or pelvic floor exercises, but are unsure about how to do them.  Here’s a simple how-to:

1)      Find your PF muscles.

This is easy and you should only need to do it the once. Go for a wee and stop your pee mid- flow.  Ta-da! You’ve just used your PF muscles.

(Don’t make a habit of using your PF muscles to stop your wee though, as this can weaken you PF and even cause infections)

2)      Now squeeze. And hold. Then reeelease.

Squeeze those PF muscles you’ve just identified, hold them and then release. Make sure you release all the way. Oh and breeeeatthhheeee.

3)      Repeat.

If you’re still unsure go and see a physiotherapist and they will help you to identify and exercise those pesky PF’s in no time at all.

There are also all sorts of devices that can help out too.

Boost Your Booty

If you’re going to work on the pelvic floor you are also going to have to work on your butt! And who doesn’t love a pert behind?  Strong glutes (butt muscles) will stretch the PF from a dilapidated hammock to a springy-sproingy trampoline of luuurrrveee.

Here’s how:

1)      Squat.

The squat is just about the most natural way to plump those pillows. Just check out any toddler and watch them get down to it, voila, there you have it – the most prefect squat position. No need for any fancy pants gym equipment or weights.  And as an added sexy bonus, squatting opens up the hips and groin too – awesome for that weekend Karma Sutra ‘sesh’ of spine-tingling, pretzel-like sex positions you’ve got planned!

2)      Stair climbing.

Skip the lift and take the stairs..and boost your bedroom bliss!

3)      Walk.

Walk tall and walk proud, you’re working your way towards that stronger, harder butt and orgasm.


Need more specific help? Check out our article “How To Activate Your Pelvic Floor Properly” 

When Sex Hurts
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Does Sex Hurt? When You Should Consult A Doctor

Fire In Your Loins

Hopefully when we talk about the fire in our loins we are referring to the heat of our sexual fervour. But for some the flames of desire are being dampened by a burning that has nothing to do with smouldering passions.

The fire in your loins can become something very different to the heat of sexual passion.

Vaginal pain (Colpalgia) or vulval pain (Vulvodynia) can lead to some unpleasant bedroom experiences, such as the “Jesus, hell fire, where do you think you are going with that ?!!” type of  painful penetrative intercourse (Dyspareunia).  The pain can be caused by penile/finger/toy entry into the opening of the vagina or ‘deep’ thrusting during intercourse. It can be an aching, burning, stinging or throbbing sensation.

Suffering In Silence

 Unfortunately it’s very difficult to estimate the prevalence of dyspareunia within the general population because most women that experience it do not report it; they literally grin and bare it (a.k.a.  The ‘lay back and think of England’ approach) or simply abstain from any of ‘that sort of thing’. But what we do know is that for the 10-20% of women that do experience pain in the vajayjay, it can have a devastating impact upon their relationships and quality of life. Nobody likes it when our beaver is bothered.

Why Your Foo-Foo May No Longer Be Your Friend

There is usually an underlying medical condition for vulval or vaginal pain and it may even be associated with psychological issues (depression, issues with sexual identity or previous trauma). However, just to be clear I’m going to flagrantly capitalise – POONANI PAIN IS NOT ALL IN YOUR HEAD!!!!

There are many reasons that your foo-foo may not be feeling too jiggy:

  • Insufficient lube

When the love juices aren’t flowing, or haven’t had enough time to get going, then pain can be created during intercourse.

Vaginal dryness can also be caused by certain medications, such as anti-depressants, anti-histamines, high blood pressure medications, sedatives and some birth control pills.

Vaginal atrophy (when your vaginal walls thin and become inflamed because of low oestrogen in your body) is another cause of your chuff experiencing desert like aridity. This can occur during menopause or when breastfeeding. Also unlike its name suggests,  vaginal atrophy does not mean the old girl has packed her bags and is leaving for good, there is still light at the end for this tunnel.

  • Vaginitis (inflammation of the vagina), which is caused by an irritation or infection. The common symptoms of Vaginitis are vaginal discharge, itching, redness, swelling and pain.

Your lady bits are sensitive little beasts and they may become inflamed or react to antibiotics or other medications, scented ‘hygiene’ or menstrual products, tight clothing, condoms, spermicides, lubricants or even semen. Yep, she’s that fussy – and why shouldn’t she be??

Anyone that encourages you to douche your little flower with natural flora and fauna napalming, pH unbalancing chemicals and perfumes is, well, a douche.  Treat your beast with care.

Infections such as vaginal candidiasis (a yeast infection, commonly called ‘thrush’), Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) and trichomoniasis (‘Trich’) can also be the cause of vaginitis.

  • Hormonal changes

As mentioned before our poonanis are pretty delicate flowers – hormonal imbalances or changes (e.g. during puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, postpartum, breastfeeding, menopause – jeez pretty much every life cycle milestone) can lead to sensitivity.

  • Previous trauma or surgery

Nerve damage can occur during various activities where our beaver may have taken a bit of a bashing, such as cycling, horse-riding, aggressive or rough penetrative intercourse or during childbirth.  Genital surgery can also be the cause of chronic or recurrent pain.

A previous history of sexual abuse may have its physical and psychological aftermath for the survivor.  It’s important to recognise that a sexual problem is often more than just examining the physical body part. We are more than a sum of body parts. In order to get to the root of vulval pain we may have to look at the body, its parts and the feelings and emotions connected to them.

  • Abnormal growths or cysts

How Your Honey Pot Can Heal

Sexual pain can impact upon your current relationship or prevent you from engaging in a new one – it can have detrimental effects upon our sense of self, how we feel about our body and sexuality and even our self-esteem and confidence.

In some cases dyspareunia can lead to vaginismus, where the body and subconscious mind anticipates pain and will tighten the pelvic floor or cause muscular spasms to resist intercourse.  So doing something about your poonani pain can be very important, before further issues arise.

We all deserve to have a rich and pleasurable sexual life, so if we choose to engage in penetrative sex, with our partner (s), ourselves or our toys there are treatments that can help manage the pain.


  • Engage in plenty of foreplay and outercourse
  • Ensure you are at a high level of personal arousal before engaging in penetrative intercourse
  • Try ladies-on-top positions and guide in any fingers, toys or penises
  • Communicate with your lover(s) about your level of comfort
  • Use plenty of an organic, water-based personal lubricant and moisturiser when engaging in some love play (e.g. Yes!)
  • Rinse the area in cool water, particularly after urination or sex
  • Soak in a bath
  • Apply icepacks wrapped in towels, cool compresses or use heat pads (just not too hot!!)
  • Use unscented tissues and body products
  • Wear organic bamboo or cotton underwear
  • Avoid tight fitting clothes or underwear
  • Avoid pools/tubs or spas with heavily chlorinated water
  • Keep your vulvar clean and dry (i.e. when wiping after the toilet wipe from front to back)
  • Maintain a healthy diet and keep your gut happy with plenty of pre and probiotics

Professional  Poonani Pampering

Seeking help from a range of professionals (gynaecologists, physiotherapists, sexual health professional and sex therapists) can be very beneficial and your twinkle with thank you.

Counselling and sex therapy will incorporate assessment, education, goal setting, and relaxation techniques, identify underlying personal or relationship issues and offer you the necessary tools to resolve these issues. They may give you homework exercises too so that you can hone your skills in the privacy of your own home.

 – Physiotherapists specialised in women’s sexual health can perform a full examination, including musculoskeletal, vulval and pelvic floor examinations. They can offer therapy that is both hands on (e.g. trigger point massage in the pelvic area and transvaginally or using biofeedback) and educational (e.g. teaching you to engage and relax your pelvic muscles).

– Health care professionals (GP’s, gynaecologists, and sexual health practitioners) can rule out any underlying infections or health issues. They can also prescribe medications such as anti-fungals, local anaesthetics, oestrogen creams, antidepressants or nerve blockers. They even may refer you to a surgeon if a more radical approach as a last resort is required.

Alternative health care professionals (acupuncturist, naturopath) can offer treatment or advice that compliments more traditional approaches.

Image credit: © Sergey Nivens –

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Enjoying Your Sexuality While Breastfeeding

Your relationship with your breasts while breastfeeding is likely to have radically changed; previously there just for your entertainment and to make your clothes fit. Well, now they are working girls with a new agenda.

A breastfeeding mother may experience all or some of the following: leaking, pain, feeling over exposed and touched out, have an overflowing bra before a feed and look like a day old balloon after, but most of all, a new found reverence and appreciation for your breasts.

You are feeding and bonding with your child using your breasts; creating a closeness that is not easily matched in any other human interaction.

We should probably talk about your boobs

In the early days, your breasts may be a no-go zone during sex. They also may like to join in with a little spraying action once the oxytocin starts flowing. As a fan of ejaculate play, I thought that it was great to be on the other side of the equation.

Plus, its hilarious. The most important thing to know is it’s normal. Feeling sexual about your breasts while breastfeeding may be difficult for some mothers. I have found that treating my breasts like my vulva has helped; instead of being part of the foreplay, a no touchy policy until I am really tuned on has reintroduced me to the pleasures of boob play.

They always know!

Why is it that your breastfed cherub can be deep into the land of slumber and normally sleep through the neighbour’s leaf blower, but the slightest nookie noise and they are wide awake? Is it some kind of inbuilt sibling prevention system? I am sorry, I don’t have a solution for this one, just commiserations.

Sneaking Around Like a Horny Teenager?

So you may be having sex with a sock in your mouth, but that doesn’t mean you have to also be in the back of the car, unless a role play of a time with less responsibilities is helping you get in the mood. Often a couple will lose their shared sleeping/sex space to their frequently waking boobie monster on a permanent or part-time basis.

If possible, making a space that the kids can’t go, that is reasonably tidy and has your sex tools close at hand, can make getting your jiggy on that a bit easier during a typically sex-starved time.

My Grandma’s sewing machine inside the play pen brings to mind a possible solution. You really haven’t lived until you have opened your bleary eyes to your toddler painting the wall with your lube left out from the night before.

Coping with a Lower Sex Drive

Lower sex drive during breastfeeding is a biological reality for many women and one of the reasons it’s so important for couples to have a great sex life with themselves. Partner assisted masturbation is a wonderful option while your sex drive is on holiday. If your sex drive is still low after a year or two of breastfeeding, it may be worthwhile checking out the other factors that contribute to a low libido with a health professional.

Estrogen Wherefore Art Thou?

Breastfeeding suppresses estrogen production, which can result in vaginal dryness and irregular ovulation, even if you are regularly menstruating. While most women can deal with this with liberal use of a good lubricant and diligent foreplay, for some breastfeeding mothers low-estrogen can have a more serious impact.

Experiencing pain, bleeding after sex, tightness and irritation may be an indication of vaginal atrophy. Atrophic vaginitis, is the thinning, drying, and tightening of the vulva caused by low-estrogen and reduced blood flow to the vulva (read: not enough sex).

It can become a vicious cycle of painful sex leading to less sex which results in further atrophy. Many health professionals will not consider this diagnosis for women decades away from menopause despite it being a common condition for breastfeeding women.

It is important to be persistent with your provider if they keep fobbing you off with “use more lube” when you have already tried the entire selection at your local sex shop and you still have an unhappy vagina. This is a treatable condition with topical estrogen and more sex. That’s right, more orgasms is just what the doctor ordered.

body positive new years resolutions

Your Body Is Already Fierce, Rethink Those New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year where there is SO much pressure to make new year’s resolutions.

The gyms are telling you, the magazines are telling you, heck, you’re probably even telling you!

It seems that fitness professionals are capitalising on your feelings of inadequacy, shame, and self loathing too.

Fitspo works for an industry that relies on bodies being imperfect. If all we wanted to do was eat good food and move ourselves to stay healthy, we wouldn’t need inspiration; we’d just do it.

Sadly, there is an multi billion dollar industry geared an making sure that we do NOT feel okay with ourselves and that perfection is always just out of our reach.

Encouraging people to maintain a positive attitude towards their body and weight is healthy, right?

Weight-loss goals may seem innocuous, but let’s examine that a little.

Despite the fact that an enormous number of people suffer from eating disorders, attributed to a society that tells them smaller is better, many trainers, gyms, weight loss companies, fitness promoters, clothing labels, and supplement producers rely on you believing you’re not good enough.

26.5 percent of our youth have

 negative body image!

(Source Butterfly Foundation Australia)

If you were to wake up tomorrow feeling fantastic, confident, and perfectly okay with yourself, the majority of these companies would be out of business quick smart; or at the very least scrabbling to change their marketing message.

Take this post for example, reward

(image source)


According to the graphic, and SO many more like it, At 72kg, you’re not good enough…

At 68kg, you’re not good enough…

63kg, you’re not good enough…

At 58kg you’re not good enough…

When you have finally shrunk yourself to a socially acceptable size, you deserve a vacation… and it’s at this point that we are going “What the actual?!”

Pffffffttt, go and get your rib tattoo, you’re an adult, and you don’t need to earn your self care.

polkascuse me

Here’s the thing, if we judge our self worth by the scales alone, we are never going to measure up. Our weight fluctuates throughout the day, throughout our menstrual cycles, through out the year. Our weight is NOTHING more than our interaction with gravity, and of all of the metrics we COULD be measuring in our body, it’s possibly the most pointless.

If we’re not going to measure the girth of our thumbs, or the weight of our hair – we shouldn’t be measuring our gravitational pull.

Furthermore, no matter HOW much we weigh there is going to be some company relying on the inevitable fluctuations in our weight, sitting ready to call it a failure.

If we’re not going to measure the girth of our thumbs, or the weight of our hair – we shouldn’t be measuring our gravitational pull.

So What Is Healthy When It Comes Nutrition and Fitness

We’d like to ditch the word fitspo all together. Because frankly there are a gazillion other body positive reasons to workout, eat things that nourish you, and feel good.

Healthy reasons to workout:

  1. Because it makes you feel accomplished
  2. Because it makes you feel badass
  3. Because you love solving problems
  4. Because you love the endorphin rush
  5. Because it makes you feel strong.
  6. Because it’s fun
  7. Because it’s social
  8. Because it’s your alone time
  9. Because it’s meditative…

Anything that doesn’t reflect on your body image; because you are ALREADY enough right now!

As we say at Polkadotsi, EAT because you love yourself, MOVE because you love yourself and THINK because you love yourself!

Healthier New Year’s Resolutions (Stop trying to 6 week fix yourself)

If you’re going to resolve to do anything this year, resolve to love yourself more.

  1. Speak kindly to yourself
  2. Fuel your body, with all things in moderation, mostly plants, and deliciousness
  3. Move your body in ways that make you FEEL GOOD, exercise is awesome!
  4. Resolve to love your body now, not as it was, not as it could be, but now
  5. Speak out when you see a negative message and add your voice to the body positive conversation!

You deserve to feel good right now, and frankly the healthiest thing you can do for your body is to love it and treat it like it’s loved.


Body Positive (1)
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An Open Letter To Heidi Klum

Donald Trump told Heidi Klum that she is “Sadly no longer a 10”

Dare we say “eew, gross…. that’s hideous Donald, who the heck do you think you are?”

But we’re afraid that Mr Trump already has an inflated sense of self, and frankly Heidi Klum utterly owned her response check it out:

So it’s with a lot of admiration that we write Heidi an open letter:
Dear Heidi,

There are a couple of things that I need to say thank you for today…

Thank you for demonstrating to women world wide that someone else’s opinion does not matter.  I am so glad that you view yourself as more than a number, and even more importantly, more than someone else’s number

Thank you for demonstrating to my children that women are more than just objects. Even though your industry routinely objectifies, sexualises, and exploits women I am so glad that as an individual you don’t buy in.

I am so sorry that Donald Trump is in a position of influence and power, and his message gleaned an audience, but equally grateful that you used your position of power and reach to shut down his body-shaming with humor, dignity, and grace.

No one has the right to reduce you to a digit, and in doing so reduce all people to numbers that only quantify their appearance.

No one has the right to assign value to your worth by how f*ckable and saleable you are.

I am raising young men, and I need them to know that they have NO right to shame the bodies of women in their lives (nor anyone else’s)  I am raising young men who are inadvertently already consumers of mainstream media, and sadly already aware that skinny, attractive people are supposedly more valuable to society. (Have you ever seen an attractive villain in a children’s TV program?! Have you noticed how hard Enid Blighton fat shames the more slothenly characters in her books?)

Thank you for not buying in. Thank you for redirecting the misogynistic male gaze, and thank you for the giggle.


The Chloe – Polkadotsi.


Are you in the sparkliest group on the web? Join Polkadotsi’s Body Love Forum on Facebook today!



today (1) . .

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That Period Article: Running a Marathon On Your Rag

When I got my first period, I was too embarrassed to tell my mum. Too embarrassed to go to the shops and buy pads, and when eventually got sick of throwing out my bled on undies and bought pads, I was too embarrassed to change them at school for fear of being heard by someone in the toilets.

What  the hell right?

Sadly, my experience is  far from unique.

I sobbed with the collective tears of sisterhood when I read Kiran Ghandi’s piece on running London Marathon on her period. Her amazing article has since gone viral and been discussed with love and hate across the blogosphere.

This is Polkadotsi, and we are all about body love. So Kiran, you freaking ROCK woman!

You rock for so many reasons:

  • For de-stigmatizing periods.
  • For opening discussion about one of the most hushed up aspects of womanhood.
  • And for running 26.2 miles!

While I write from the my creature comforts of privilege, I am devastated  that across the world women’s reproductive health remains silenced, shamed, and stigmatized.

Girls in Africa still only learn about their period once they GET it…  and then so many of them have to deal with their menses with improvised menstrual hygiene products, and no clean water and latrines.  Many women in India face the same challenges. 

Period Shame

There is so much we can do better- so let’s start with a few small things that each of us can achieve right now.

Luna Pads has a WICKED cool Pads for Girls Initiative

Scarlet Eve has a suspended Pads initiative

SHE has an initiative that assists women to manufacture and distribute reusable menstrual products


Photo credit: Kiran Ghandi

Ronda Rousey
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Ronda Rousey: Body Love Champion?

Pro athlete, tough as nails, Ronda Rousey is a knockout. Daughter of a judo champion, this kick-arse chick is on a roll in Women’s fighting.

The champion UFC fighter took down the previously undefeated fighter Bethe Correia on August 1st to win UFC 190 in just 34 seconds, rocketing her into the spotlight in more ways than one.

Like so many women in sports, she has been forced to defend herself against body shamers who insist that muscles on women are masculine, unsexy, and not feminine.

We call BULLSH*T, and so does she. It would seem that this chick has taken the hateful comments and turned them into fuel for her personal fire.

-Just because my body was developed for

Smack DOWN!

Her bad-ass comeback to  the body-shamers has spurred a flurry of “Strong is the new skinny” and “Strong is the new sexy” type mantras through fitspo channels on social media.

Again, we’re calling BULLSH*T. There is NO ONE body type, there is NO RIGHT WAY to look, act, or be.

And it would seem, so does Ronda.

(yeh, yeh, we get that her choice of words isn’t flying the feminist flag – and we also get that she’s said some pretty dumb stuff about trans-gender athletes (And there’s no excuse for that… I’m looking at you Ronda!)) Personally, I’m hoping that position on a body-love pedestal might inspire her to use her powers for good.

Frankly though, when can we cut a break, if we’re not too fat, we’re too fit, too skinny or too tall.  I say F**K  it. Love your body, treat it with respect and be fierce.

Take a leaf out of Ronda’s book, and tell the haters to shove it.


Photo Credit: Disney | ABC Television Group


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9 Reasons You Should Totally Embrace Using Sex Toys

Shhhh, don’t tell anyone… I love my vibrators!

Oh, who am I kidding, I just posted this on Polkadotsi – everyone knows that I have a love affair with all that buzzes! But it would seem that there is still a lot of stigma and shame associated with getting your wank on.

So in the interests of enabling all of you to go and flick the bean, here are 9 reasons that you should totally embrace using sex toys!

1 – They help you discover your body

Getting to know what you like and don’t like empowers you to have better sex. Have you found your g-spot? Discovered how to squirt? Discovered your U spot? No? have a little play!

2 – They can reach places that your wee fingers just can’t

Let’s be honest, unless you have super long arms, or incredibly long fingers, there are hard to reach places that your vibe can hit. Mmmmmmm

3 – They can help you relax

Orgasms = endorphins = Ommmmmm

Maybe not the same as mediation… but orgasmic meditation? Now you’re talking!

4  – They can improve your mood

If you’re in a bit of a slump, a big O can release endorphins that pick you right up!

5  – They can help you improve your orgasm!

Learning to isolate those muscles that help you cum can train you into stronger, better orgasms! Yes please!

6 – They can provide mild pain relief

Period pain? A bit of an headache? Buzzing your way to bliss town can relieve your pain.

7  – You don’t need a partner

Take control of your sexual pleasure with your battery operated pleasure friend! Vibrators are brilliant in that you don’t need anyone else to indulge in sex for one!

8  – You can totally do it with a partner!

You can totally take that party in your pants to the next level with your partner by introducing toys to your boudoir repertoire.

9  – They feel freaking amazing!

I don’t have to expand on this one do I?

What are you waiting for! Go get your buzz on!


Photo credit: buecax

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Ethical Porn, Woman Friendly Porn, and Real Orgasm Pleasure!

I have a confession to make…. I like porn. I like porn a lot! There I said it.

The trouble with my adoration of watching strangers fuck, is that I take SERIOUS issue with a lot of what goes on in the porn industry.

My main concerns centre around rape, exploitation of the actors, and the depiction of sex acts that aren’t pleasurable and may even be painful.

I also have a real problem with the industry of “tube channels” that scrape content from other sites, and don’t pay the film makers. I’ve always thought must be a way to be an ethical porn consumer.

Then I discovered the term “Feminist Porn” and be still my throbbing clit… sexy as fuck videos that show real pleasure and real orgasms! 

It turns out there is a whole, amazing industry – with incredible film-makers producing woman-friendly erotic film. There is still the gratuitous fuck, there are stories, there are fantasies, there is even some amazing fetish porn.

It should go without saying that I jumped at the opportunity to review Bright Desire’s collection of amazingly sexy videos. Bright Desire is porn for women. Ms Naughty the Filmmaker totally nails it. The videos are sexy, beautiful and *ahem* fun to watch 😉

This is my current favorite…. Selfies. (affiliate link to Bright Desire, a girl’s gotta make some coin!)

I think this is what got me:

Even porn can be more, then bunch of dirty people just going through the motions. How about watching real sexual encounter between two people in love? Sex can be a beautiful thing and we will prove you that you can enjoy watching it this way too! –

Real couples feature in many of the videos, so you’re not just watching strangers go through the motions on camera. You’re watching the hot, sexy, dynamic of people who are genuinely attracted to one another.

There are giggles, there is sweat, there are real orgasms… Oh.My.Goodness – watching  orgasms for real on camera is just hot! (affiliate link to Bright Desire videos)

Ms Naughty, the filmographer has a talent for making you feel like a fly on the wall. You can nearly forget that this is erotic film, and that there are cameras, lights, and a crew of people filming.

The films are gorgeous, sexy, and better than I expected. There is something very cool about the realism. Sex can indeed be a beautiful thing!

Don’t take my word for it – check out some of the videos for yourself here (affiliate link) this one I assure you is hotter than 50 shades!
Bright Desires



Ms. Naughty is a writer, editor, blogger, entrepreneur and filmmaker with a passion for making better porn. She’s been curating and creating adult content online since 2000. Her site features her filmed and written work and she also co-owns, one of the first adult sites for women. Her short film “Dear Jiz” won Best Experimental Short at Cinekink in 2014 and her films have screened at numerous international festivals. She lives with her husband in a small Australian town, surrounded by Fundamentalist Christians.



Photo credit:

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September 10 Is International Gynae Day

Millions of women every year will suffer from a Gynae (Gynaecological, Gynaecological) related condition or sexually transmitted infection. At Polkadotsi we talk frankly about all of your lovely lady gardens (sorry, not sorry!)

So many women remain sorely unaware of what is normal when it comes to their GYN health – and on September 10th we here at Polkadotsi are joining the cry of Viva La Vulva with Kath Mazzella to break down the stigma of your Sexual and reproductive health.

Kath has been campaigning for more awareness of GYN health for the past 20 years and has made some huge progress promoting her cause in Australia and around the world.

I interviewed Kath about where International Gynae Day came from, and what she is hoping to achieve in 2014!

September 10th is International Gynae Day, tell us how that came about?

IGAD came about after I placed an advertisement in  Women’s Day  seeking others with GYN issues. I was overwhelmed with the stories and stigma from so many women who were dealing with these issues behind closed doors.

So I formed GAIN Inc. to give voice to these women. I want the doors opened so we can all learn about it in a more open environment and we can all learn from each other.

After receiving the letters I rang Senator Amanda Vanstone’s office to see what could be done about the suffering in silence, and to raise awareness of Gynaecological Health.

Senator Vanstone’s reply was have an National GYN Day. I said How do I do that?

The answer was simple declare a day! So I declared and international GYN Day was founded.

If I had to wait for the government bureaucracy to do something, I won’t be on the earth and many others won’t either.

That it is SO important to talk about Gynae. The more we talk, the more we know, the more we understand, the more we rid of the fear factor surrounding GYN health issues.

What do you feel is most important for women to understand about Gynae?

That it is SO important to talk about Gynae. The more we talk, the more we know, the more we understand, the more we rid of the fear factor surrounding GYN health issues.

The shame and silence surrounding  GYN health discussions promotes depression, shame, stigma,  not only for women but the men/partners of these women who seem much in the dark as women are.

What message would you like women worldwide to take away from Gynae Day?

Gynae health is nothing to fear, but something to embrace in order to empower yourself and those around you, your mothers sisters, daughters, neighbours and work colleagues!

 I met a woman who said she has bad endometriosis, a work colleague commented once that she didn’t need to take a day off work just because she has a period. One million women have Endometriosis, 1 million Australian women have Polycystic Ovaries, many of these in the work place without a voice.

GYN health can have a huge ripple effect including depression, obesity, infertility, domestic violence, body image, the list goes on…  I try to break down these stigmas – the undies and quilts are doing the 20 years of lobbying for me.

At Polkadotsi this month we are going to run some fun trivia all about your body and GYN health. Follow us on Twitter with the hashtag #Gynaemight

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