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4 Fun-Fit Positions for Sexercise

We’re obsessed with getting – or doing – two things for the price of one, aren’t we? It’s like one thing isn’t good enough anymore. We want to multitask and maximize our time, and we want our favorite things to be made even better by being combined with something equally amazing. It’s the mindset that gave birth to cronuts, and it’s the reason scientists continue to research how many calories we burn during sex… and the reason we keep wanting to brush up on their findings.

Despite scientists’ best efforts, their research on whether sex really is good exercise is still pretty inconclusive. They agree that an average sex session burns more calories than a leisurely walk – but not as many as a jog. If you’re thinking you can quit your gym membership and just have more sex you might be jumping the gun a little – although it really depends on the kind of sex you’re having, and how much effort you’re putting in to work those love muscles.

Intent on swapping the boredom of the treadmill for sexercise? Here are a few positions that could help you increase the burn.

Standing Screw

Have you mastered the tricky art of screwing while standing? Obviously, you’re going to be working a little harder – and using different muscles – if you’re getting it on vertically rather than horizontally. You might have to stand on your tiptoes, but you’ll tone your butt and legs.

Thigh-Master Kneel

Have your partner kneel opposite you, then slide on top of him, so your thighs are either side of his. You’ll have greater support while kneeling, but you’ll still work your thighs and gluteal muscles.

Double-Whammy Bridge

Lay on your back and form an arch by bending your legs and raising your butt off the bed, then have your lover move between your legs and enter you as he supports your hips with his hands. This position can be great for clitoral and G-spot stimulation – and it will provide an unbeatable workout for your bum and legs.

Core-Crazy Coitus

This is a variation on the Double-Whammy Bridge, but instead of forming an arch with your back, you’ll want to raise your butt even higher and have your outstretched legs resting against your partner’s shoulders. Be sure to support your lower back with your hands, and try and keep your legs reasonably straight. You’ll work your bum and legs, as well as your arms and your core.

What’s your favorite sexercise? Have you mastered a tricky position you think every woman should keep in her fun-fitness arsenal?

Teaspoon Position
Sex Positions

The Teaspoon Position

The Teaspoon Position AKA the Pecker Grinder (Thanks Emily Walkerden from Polkadotsi’s fanbase!!) is another position for steamy, hot, but relatively lazy sex. Both of you are supported, and both of you can use your hands to get creative!

Use it for anal, or use it for a straight up variation on doggy style, this position leaves your hands free to explore his butt, and his hands free to explore your clit.

Experiment by shifting one leg forward to angle his penetration, or lean up against the bedhead or sofa for leverage.



Mastery Kneeling Position, or Sofa Salsa
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Sofa Salsa Sex Position

This is one seriously easy and hot position. The Sofa Salsa, or Mastery Kneeling position is great perfect for slow, sensual, build ups, and equally as hot for a quick, dirty fuck.

Have your man sit on a sofa, straddle him with your legs (Start with your panties on for slow, sensual teasing, let him slide his cock around your lips until he’s begging!! IF you can resist that long!) Use the back of the sofa for leverage and enjoy the ride.

Let him explore your body with his hands, and enjoy the view as your breasts bounce around in his face.  Make it sexy and intimate with lots of eye contact and kissing, or just close your eyes and lose yourself!


A great position to hit your g-spot, and your clit, as you grind into his pubic bone!

If you want to take it to the next level, and try a whole new sensation, swing your legs forward into a squat position.



Nirvana Sex Position -
Sex Positions

Sex Position: The Nirvana Position

The Nirvana position is a change up on the missionary position. It’s a little bit kinky, a little bit cheeky, and very fun!

You’ll find this sexy move in the Kama Sutra!

The woman lies on the bottom, but rather than opening her legs up to receive her partner, she keeps her legs together – it makes it harder for her man to penetrate her, and when he does, it adds sensation by squeeezzzzzzinnngg around his cock.

For him, this adds more sensation and  the mild kink factor of having to “work for it”!

For her, this position means shallower penetration, rubbing right on the g spot and clitoris.

Definitely try this position somewhere where you have space to reach above your head to leverage yourself off something solid – bedheads, walls, the um…. tea towel rail in the kitchen 😉


If you’re after more positions, and entertaining things to learn about in the bedroom, check out School of Squirt

Kama Sutra Fusion Position -
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The Fusion Position – Kama Sutra Inspired For G-Spot Pleasure

This position is inspired by the Kama Sutra. It put the woman completely in control of penetration, speed, and depth. While this position can be a little tricky to pull off, when you get the hang of it it is sensual, sexy, visually mind blasting, and it stimulates your g-spot a-maz-ing-ly!

Have your man sit back, with his legs apart, lower yourself facing him on to his cock,  spread your legs over his thighs, and thrust up and down like a “piston” (I hate that description, but it’s pretty much the action required to rock your G-Spot socks off!!)

Start out slowly, get the right spot…. then enjoy!

This is going to give your arms a workout – we found  that  leaning forward for some kissing and a cuddle, straddling him, and gently still rocking and girating when you get too tired, adds to the intimacy, boosts those sexy feel good hormones, and makes it easier  to get back to pumping when your arms have had a bit of  rest.

To take this position to the next sexy level, work on some intense intimacy – hold eye contact, breathe together, and communicate what is feeling hot.

You can add a vibrator if you want, especially if you aren’t too familiar with your g-spot, extra clitoral pleasure can make this position extra orgasmic!

Side By Side Sex Position -
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Intimate, Hot, Sensual: Side By Side Sex Position

Slow, sensual, intimate – the side by side position is for smoldering, sexy love making. This isn’t a quick fuck position, this is candle light and love making by the fireside, this is the stuff of erotica novels!

The intimacy is the biggest benefit of this position, with full skin to skin touching, releasing yummy love hormones and building the love. If you’re patient, this is a great position to rock slowly to climax, if you’re not so patient, this is the position to start a sexy tease from.

You can mix it up with pillows, and raising and lowering her leg to change the angle of penetration. It’s quite a good pregnancy sex position, provided you have the support of pillows to maneuver into a comfortable position.

Up the intimacy, and play with your pleasure by:

  • Gripping each other tight. Hold on so tight like you don’t want to let go
  • Maintain eye contact and breathe together
  • Use pillows under her butt to raise her slightly to change the angle of penetration
  • Raise her leg up (trust us!!)
  • Use your hands, caress, explore, tease…..

Try it and let us know how you liked it!


Reverse Cowgirl Position
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Yeeehaw! The Reverse Cowgirl Position

The reverse cowgirl position is one of the woman on top positions that gives you a lot of freedom to explore your body. It’s a visually stimulating position, which is why it’s popular in porn. Soft, round buttocks bouncing up and down – it’s the stuff of sexual fantasy!

Get your man to lie on his back, straddle him and face his feet. Position yourselves both comfortably, and you can control the penetration. This is quite a good position post childbirth or surgery, as you can control depth and angle.

The Tricks And  Benefits:

  • You are totally in control, you control the speed, the angle, and the depth. Find a groove that works for you and your partner
  • There isn’t a lot of eye contact, it’s not a romantic intimate position, but it can be sensual and naughty… why not indulge a fantasy..
  • This position allows you to grind and gyrate to stimulate your clitoris
  • Give him a super sexy view by leaning forward towards his feet. (It’s hot, trust us!)
  • By leaning back (towards his head) his penis can stimulate your g-spot
  • You can reach his perineum, testicles, or if you’re into butt play, you’re in a great spot to play down there! (Be gentle, and ask first!!)
  • Of course, its also a good position for him to play with your butt if that’s what rings your bell
  • If you want to take it up a notch, you can skoot up onto your feet. This move can feel AMAZING but requires pretty strong quad muscles
  • You can use a vibrator to play with your clit, and he’ll benefit from the buzz
  • He can sit up to play with your breasts, and change the angle of penetration
  • You can mix it up with pillows under his butt, or your legs to make it comfortable!

Experiment and tell us what works for you! We’d love to hear!!