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Celebrate Your Bangin’ Body (For Your Best Sex Yet)

If one of your wishes for 2014 was to have better sex, hold on to your pearls, girl! Better sex is a state of mind, and body confidence plays a significant role in how you feel between the sheets.

It’s common sense, really. If you feel frumpy or self-conscious, you’re not going to feel sexy. And if you don’t feel sexy, your chances of having mind-blowing sex are slim. You’re unlikely to loose yourself in the moment if you’re too busy worrying about a little extra flesh, or if your boobs look lopsided in this or that position, or if your partner cares that you’ve left your lady garden unmanicured. And wouldn’t you rather a sublime shag than concern yourself with a thigh gap? Or a bikini bridge, or whatever the fuck Instagram is making us paranoid about this week?

Hells yeah. And you know what? You can have amazing sex and feel great about your body tonight. Now, in fact. It’s time to get in the right frame of mind and start celebrating your body, working your best assets, and feeling sizzling-saucy-sexy. These Dos and Don’ts are designed to steer you in the right direction, you minx, you.

DO Think Sexy Thoughts

You know the mind is one of the body’s most powerful organs right? Especially when it comes to getting in the mood, and getting off. If you’ve been at odds with your body recently, write it a love letter – either on paper, or in your head. List all the amazing things about your body, and what it does, and how it feels, and how it makes you feel. Get comfortable celebrating your body, and admire all the things you’d forgotten you love about it.

DO Pamper Yourself. For You and No-One Else

Your body is amazing, so treat it the way it deserves to be treated. Indulge in a little pampering and spoil yourself with something that feels luxurious and sensual. It might be a bath with exotic oils, or a full body-butter treatment, or a pedicure, or all of the above. Do something that connects feelings of satisfaction with your physical self, and do it for you.

DO Get Glam… Or Sweet… Or Oh-So Bad

I don’t care if you’ve got a hot date or a casual dinner with friends or you’re staying in on your onesie for the night with a DVD and a couple of beers. Go to the deepest recesses of your wardrobe and pull out something that makes you feel like a sultry siren goddess, and work it. Don’t dress according to anyone else’s expectations – wear something because it makes you feel like a million bucks. It could be a sequined cocktail dress or a cute and frilly pj set or a leather bustier. It could be a plain ribbed singlet and a pair of French-cut cotton undies.

DON’T buy lingerie based on sucky-in or coverage factors

DON’T stick to one position because you think it will make your tummy look flat

DON’T be afraid to go naked or leave the lights on

DON’T brush off compliments

DON’T shag anyone who doesn’t treat you like the hot, beautiful, powerful creature that you are.

The end.

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