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Can Chocolate Improve Sex? The Answer May Suprise You

Wouldn’t it be nice…

Just wouldn’t it be delightful if there were a delicious, magic, fix all for sex… Something that so many of us enjoy and crave, and love. Chocolate does contain a number of chemicals that produce mood lifting endorphins namely phenylethylamine, the chemical associated with falling in love, and serotonin, the feel good hormone.

But can chocolate actually improve sex?

Does Chocolate improve sex?

Well we think the answer is duh, chocolate improves everything. But in a study published in the Journal of Sexual Health, it was found that there was a correlation between women who ate chocolate and their sexual satisfaction in younger women. (Salonia et al, 2006)

So so I need to eat more chocolate for better orgasms?

Sadly, the study also found that when the statistics were adjusted for age, there was no difference between the group who ate chocolate and the group who didn’t. Infact, the older the woman was, the less likely chocolate would have any effect at all on her sexual satisfaction compared to women who don’t eat chocolate.

Damn, so Chocolate doesn’t actually improve sex?

Well, the science says that it may, a little, if you’re a younger woman, and even then the science is correlated at best. Sadly, it seems that chocolate isn’t the panacea that we were all hoping it would be. That doesn’t mean that we can’t pretend and enjoy a square or two….




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