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Female Ejaculation : The Controversial Little Squirt (Part II) aka The Squirt Squirts Back

Gynaecological UFO’s

In the past FE has been shrugged off by prominent sexologists, the scientific community and the public alike as erroneous, urinary stress incontinence, the wild imaginations of women themselves or even the ubiquitous projections of a male fantasy. These attitudes have stunted research into the phenomena of FE and for those women who squirt they have led to feelings of self doubt, shame and misunderstanding. Not only has the phenomenon been greeted with scepticism, but even the existence of the organs or physiological structures that elicit such sexual responses have been thrown into doubt. Despite the G-spot or zone been described in Ancient Indian texts, such as the Pancasayaka in the 11th century and the Jayamanalga and the Ratirahasya in the 13th century, it has still been referred to an a gynaecological UFO,  with evidence of its existence or importance been seen as insubstantial or circumspect. Similarly, throughout history the female prostate has been trivialised, dismissed as rudimentary, vestigial or atrophic. Well all that’s about to change – this baby is no longer happy to be put in the corner.

Get Jiggy With Your Junk

Historically, women’s sexual anatomy has been shrouded in such mystery and disconnect that our inner workings and structure have become the domain of others. How often are workshops on women’s sexuality, their yoni and it’s amazing capabilities so often headed by men?  How often do we hear of or meet women who have never seen or touched their own cervix, but have had it discussed, manipulated, screened and viewed by others? Yadda, yadda I hear you say. In a moment she’s going to go all 1960’s sex guru on us and have us spread-legged examining our minutiae with a handheld mirror and speculum. But seriously gals you need to get down with this. This is your junk and it’s so worth your while having a peak and a rummage.

We have a pudendal nerve leading to the clitoral nerve, the word pudendal derives from the latin pudere (to make or be ashamed). Fuck.that.shit.

A Call To Battle

The reason for this call into booty-battle is simple. Things are looking seriously fucked up when it comes to fannies. There has been a dramatic increase in genital surgery, modification, augmentation and bleaching. Not only are we waxing our poonanis to within an inch or their lives we are now bringing in the big guns. We have been seriously colonised ladies. Even the diagrams of our genitals are labelled with the names of the men who supposedly “discovered” them (Bartholin’s gland, Skene’s gland); our lady gardens claimed as the property of the medical Realm. And before you go thinking I’m just one of those uppity feminist types, think about this. We have a pudendal nerve leading to the clitoral nerve, the word pudendal derives from the latin pudere (to make or be ashamed). Fuck.that.shit. I’m not ashamed of my genital’s nerves, she’s no seat of shame – she’s one of the life lines of each blessed clitoral orgasm or pleasurable feeling.

Reclaiming Our Land

Clarification, empowerment, normalisation and validation of women’s sexuality and sexual experience are vital. This will occur by educating women on their body and bodily processes, which will remove all stultifying mystery and uncertainty about what is ‘OK’. Therefore, research and phenomenological study is paramount; finding out about women’s lived experience of their body and its processes, including FE,  to enable a re-colonisation, a movement into acceptance of self and reclamation of our lady gardens.

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