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Female Ejaculation: The Controversial Little Squirt

Tell Me How She Squirts

Female ejaculation (FE) refers to the release of fluid from the urethra or G spot/zone. These ‘urethral expulsions’ are single or double barelleled (POW! POW!) and are often extremely pleasurable. Ejaculation occurs from stimulation of the clitoris, G-spot/zone or the vagina. It is a healthy and normal response to stimulus – but not necessarily something that everyone can or wants to do. However, it should be noted – and hear this one loud and clear all you partner(s) and potential partners of those beautiful ladies out there who soak – it’s not always pleasurable and it’s not always accompanied by an orgasm.

Alchemical Waters

It seems unclear where these ejaculates originate from, with researchers suggesting the urethral and periurethral ducts and glands, the prostate (that’s right the female prostate exists and may be functional in up to 90% of women) or even from the bladder. And here’s the magical rainbows and unicorn awesome bit – it’s not urine! Yeah, we know some of us ladies might wee a bit when we get a little overexcited, sneeze or jump on a trampoline, but these urethral gushes are chemically altered during sexual arousal. Now that’s the A fucking bomb. It’s an entirely different entity from urine and, in fact, female ejaculators often have significantly stronger pelvic muscles and uterine contractions than non-ejaculators.

Just Keep Swimming

The amounts, consistencies and colours of the fluids are varied in that they can be thinner and more slippery than vaginal lubrication, or thick and whitish. Some women will dribble or leak, others will gush like Niagara. The taste of this fluid also varies from being tasteless, salty or sweet. Once again nature proves itself a little trickster and there is no ‘norm’.

The purpose of this discharge of prostatic fluid may be to better facilitate procreation in that it has been hypothesised to have antimicrobial or ‘nourishing’ properties – yup it makes the swimmers swim.

There are marked similarities between female and male ejaculation in that some men and women will have a refractory period (aka ‘the roll over and fall asleep’ response) after it has occurred. Even the ejaculatory mechanism, with the release of prostatic secretions through rhythmic pelvic contractions, is similar. We Jack and Jill off in a really similar way. And the secretions themselves are similar in composition in that both contain (prepare for long and difficult word) tartare inhibitable acid phosphatase and fructose. Some female ejaculate even has a mild semen-like scent. Oh yum!

Hot Waters

The phenomenon has been documented and hotly debated for centuries, with many even disputing its very existence. Yet women’s flowing love waters have been referred to in Ancient Chinese and Indian texts and even Aristotle and Hippocrates wrote about fluids expelled during sexual intercourse. Culturally, for many years in certain Ugandan communities adolescent girls have even been taught to ejaculate as part of traditional marital preparations. Even the somewhat prudish Victorians referred to orgasmic expulsions in pornographic literature.

However, the most notable sexologists of modern times, such as Kinsey and Masters and Johnson denied the existence of the phenomenon. This denial led to severe lack of interest and research into the topic, but the tides have changed and there is now a veritable tsunami of attention directed at this little squirt. Not only are sexologists and sex researchers turning their thoughts to FE, but the general populace is now becoming more aware and oh so a little interested in the amorous gushings that some women and their lover(s) are able to provoke.

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