Get Your Bunny On This Easter with Lelo

When it comes to Easter, here in the Polkadotsi offices, it’s all about eggs. We celebrate a diverse collection of beliefs,  and it means something different to all of us. However there is one thing we CAN agree on that that’s that some eggs are more fun than others.

This chocolate coated holiday is made only more fun by bunnies and eggs that go buzz in the night (or day, or whatever rings your bell!)

Happy Easter no matter how you celebrate!




The Easter Bunny

The first written story of the Easter bunny was published in 1682 in Germany and was brought to the USA by German immigrants in the early 19th Century. However, rabbits have long been associated with sex and fertility even before Christianity’s religious holiday began to coincide with it. A very ancient myth, born from the rabbit’s prodigious rate of reproduction, led early Europeans to believe that the rabbit was hermaphroditic, able to reproduce without losing its virginity. This eventually became bundled in with a relation to the biblical Virgin Mary when the early church fathers began converting pagan communities in Europe to Christianity.

LELO is renowned worldwide for iconic dual-action rabbit-style pleasure products, so to help get in the Easter mood they’ve rounded-up the best bunnies money can buy.

INA Wave – The Newest Bunny on the Block

This Easter lose yourself in waves of uncontrollable pleasure with LELO’s latest rabbit vibrator, the INA Wave. In a world-first design, INA Wave is inspired by the caress of a lover’s fingers to surge with a natural ‘come-hither’ motion to massage your G-Spot.

SORAYA – The World’s Most Exclusive Bunny

The world’s best rabbit vibrator is ultra stylish and the most coveted of LELO’s pleaasure products. SORAYA’s flowing, body-contoured design contains two powerful yet discreet motors, guaranteeing the most satisfying climax time after time.

INA 2 – The Most Popular Bunny Around

This little bunny is the one of the world’s most popular rabbit vibrators. Its flowing form and flexible external stimulator mean this iconic LELO matches the curves and contours of all women for a uniquely satisfying fit.


Easter Eggs

It’s widely believed that the giving of eggs at Easter also has its roots in paganism, where the egg represents fertility and rebirth: the egg being a prehistoric symbol of an empty womb. From as far back as Egyptian times we have been decorating eggs and giving them as gifts, and this was also eventually co-opted by the Early Christians when Middle-Eastern communities would paint them red in tribute to the blood shed at the crucifixion.

It’s great getting a chocolate egg at Easter, but there are other eggs that can certainly be a lot of fun to give and receive.

LYLA 2 – The World’s Sweetest Remote-Controlled Vibrating Egg

The LYLA 2 vibrating love egg allows couples to share pleasure any time and any place. This premium vibrator comes with a wireless remote, featuring revolutionary SenseMotion™ (movement-activated controls), giving couples everything they need for an unforgettable Easter.

Luna Smart Bead – The Fittest Egg Around

Meet the LUNA Smart Bead™, a personal orgasm trainer for longer, stronger orgasms! With touch-sensors that respond to your every squeeze, the LUNA Smart Bead™ measures your orgasm-potential and sets a routine that’s right for you.

Siri 2 – The World’s First Musical Egg

It is not technically an egg, but it looks like one. Combining the emotion of music with the vibrations of pleasure, SIRI™ 2 is an ultra-powerful clitoral massager that responds to ambient noise – whether it’s your favorite playlist or your lover’s voice. With 8 additional pre-set vibration patterns inspired by different musical genres, including classical, reggae, jazz, techno and more, this massager will have you singing from the rooftops this Easter.

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