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How To Choose A Body Positive Personal Trainer: Polkadotsi Podcast



Hello there beautiful sparkly one! I know you are here because you want to love your body more, and you know what? Exercise is RAD for that! Following on from our How To Choose A Gym article, we wanted to offer you a guide on how to find a body positive personal trainer!

If you’re going down the path of finding a personal trainer you DESERVE to have one who supports your goals and makes you feel amazing as you achieve them.

Let’s talk about how  to choose a body positive personal trainer!

The most important thing you can do when shopping for a personal trainer is to ask questions. Set your goals and intentions before you start, write them down, and have them ready to chat about.


Anyone taking personal training or group classes should have their certificate III or certificate IV in fitness, or the international equivalent.
Anyone taking pregnant/post natal, or in my opinion anything to do with women should have some further qualifications in pelvic health. Given that many common ‘bootcamp’ exercises aren’t suitable for women recovering from childbirth, or women who have any pelvic floor issues, it’s really important to choose someone who is aware of your body and your limitations.


Does your trainer sound like they are in alignment with your body positivity?

Are they wearing a “What’s your excuse?” tank? Or are they wearing “Move it, Love it, Do It emblazoned on their workout gear?

Does their marketing scream at you to get a bikini body? Or is it telling you to Sweat it Sista?

And most importantly, speak to them! Get a feel for their attitude and approach to bodies and fitness.

If it’s all about weight loss, run don’t walk! Anyone can take you through a punishing workout and leave you feeling spent, sore and exhausted – but it takes a truly good trainer to push you to your limits, and leave you feeling strong and wanting more.



Did you know that personal trainers can undertake extra study? Did you know that as part of their professional development and to maintain their insurance they HAVE to take extra study?

There are loads of specialities out there, like training mobility limited people, and post-natal recovery, and even taking classes for pregnant women.

If you have a special requirement, make sure you ask.


One of the best pieces of advice I learnt was to “refer refer refer”. Whenever I meet a client that I know I am not qualified to help, I was told to refer.

Amazing trainers know that not everyone is their client, and the good ones are most happy to recommend you to someone more suitable.

Amazing personal trainers don’t push non-evidence based woo… They don’t moonlight as nutritionists unless they are qualified to do so,  and even then, they aren’t dieticians….

Amazing body positive personal trainers will help you find someone to achieve your goals, and will make you feel uplifted, supported, and incredible along the journey.

They will motivate you, push you when you need it, and encourage you to fall in love with your body!

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