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How To Have Better Orgasms With Breast Play


Breasts (and nipples) are a scrumptious part of our sexual repertoire. In fact, oodles of fantabulous frolics can be had with the fun bags.

Hello Boys and Go the Girls!

Nipple/breast fiddling swings both ways, with it boosting sexual arousal in over 80% of women and over 50% of men.  So there’s no need for anyone to be missing out on the fun! And there are so many ways to be doing the nasty with your nips.

Here’s a few:

1)      Recognize that everyone is different.

There’s no perfect or ‘right’ tip when it comes to the ta-ta’s. Building up a healthy repertoire of tricks is the way to go. Whether it’s soft, tender teasing or a ruddy good, firm grapple we each have our preferences.

2)      Communicate.

Remember not everyone’s nipples are an erogenous (sexy) zone. Ask permission before you start nipple/breast play. If and when you get the green light it’s still a great idea to be communicating with your partner(s) about what they like, how things are feeling and what they might like to try. If talking breaks the magic of the moment, then watch their body language and listen carefully to their breath and sounds that they make.

3)      Use a variety of sensations.

Try out different touches, such as light feather strokes combined with a firmer pressure or squeeze. You can try out the softness of faux fur, the tease of a silken scarf or the breath-taking sensation of an ice-cube.

4)      Be an all-rounder.

Make use of your breath, finger-tips, tongue and even your teeth. Try licking, flicking your tongue back and forth, sucking or some naughty nips with your teeth.

5)      Bring out the toys.

To really get those nerve-packed buttons on to full alert, up the ante with some toys. There are nipple specific toys out there (clamps, pumps/suckers, teasers and rings), but you can also use toys such as a bullet or vibrator on the breast and/or nipple for some super-sensory pleasure!

6)      Boobilicious.

Flavored lubes, body dust and body paint can all add to the pleasure. Breast and nipple play can even be enhanced with the use of everyday pantry objects, such as juicy fruit, chocolate sauces and a good old dollop of whipped cream. OOOhhh yum!

Boobs And The Brain

Breast and nipple stimulation activates the genital sensory cortex, a part of our brain that enables a bit of chit-chat to occur between our puppies and our private parts. It also releases a hormone called oxytocin. This perky little nanopeptide can rock your boat. The more oxytocin we release, the stronger our orgasmic response.

If we want to take ourselves or our partner(s) to unknown shores of orgasmic pleasure, then it’s time that we got twiddling with those love dials.

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