In Pursuit of Fitness: My Journey from Couch to 10k

In October 2014 if you asked me to run more than a few paces, I would have laughed. Exercise? Me? No, thank you very much I am exercising my right to sit and work on my blog ~nods~

Never, ever in a million, gazillion years did I think I’d be dragging my body 10 kilometers around the suburbs, but it has happened!

running selfie!

Running selfie! On the day of my first 10k run!

The truth of the matter was, I was miserable, depressed, inactive, unhealthy and I needed to do something to change my life. I had four little kids, and getting out during the day wasn’t an option. I was also skint broke, and didn’t have funds to put towards a gym membership or classes.

Then I saw a nice little graphic on the web and it said

“The most painful part of my day is also the most relaxing”

So, I laced up my dodgy old trainers, waited until the sun went down and set off on what I thought would be a run so awesome that Morgan Freeman should narrate it.

I think I made it approximately 200 meters up to the end of my street at what could barely be described as a shuffle. I collapsed to my knees, heaving for breath, bellowing like a walrus. (Or at least that’s how I remember it) then waddled home thinking that running was over-rated.

The next night I made it as far as the next street light – I was so excited I high-fived the street light!!

And so it progressed, each night pushing myself to make it to one more light high-fiving them as I went.  And night by night, pole by pole I became a runner!

The first time I made it the whole way around the block I called my Best in breathless exuberance!  The conversation went a little bit like this:



“I JUST RAN 1.3 Kilometres WOOOOO”

“Oh, Yay you”

Not everyone gets it 🙂

Fast forward less than a year, and I run, swim, train with HIIT and lift regularly! I am strong, fit, and energetic, and pushing myself to run further, faster, and with more enthusiasm!

It has been the most challenging thing I’ve ever done in terms of fitness. And it has been the most magnificent thing I’ve ever done for my life.  Runners tend to be an amazingly encouraging lot of folk, and I’ve met some incredible people. From the people at Parkrun, to the runners I meet out on the road to the incredible groups online like Running Mums Australia. Everyone is running for their own reasons, at their own pace, with their own goals and aspirations.



Look, here’s me at my first Parkrun! Running air! Woot!

I started out with an old pair of trainers, and quickly realised that safe running involves a pair of good shoes as a must. My first run in “proper” running shoes was amazing. No aching knees, no stubbed toes, and my first run without my toes falling asleep. I felt like I had wings on my heels!

My early runs tested my body in ways I wasn’t expecting.

My early strava comments involve me swearing at my body (running takes it’s toll on the old pelvic floor)  Now, more and more of my time is spent going “holy wow, I actually did that”

This weekend is my official first race. I’m running the Salomon Trails  and it’s 11.7km through some of Victoria’s most beautiful country side.

If you run, you’re a runner. If you run and walk, you’re a runner. That’s right y’all; I’m a runner!



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