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In Pursuit of Fitness: Rest Days, You Need Them!

So many of us get caught up in the hype of fitness that we overlook one vital component of ANY workout regime: rest.

Workouts make us feel great, get fitter, stronger, and have really positive effects on our body therefore more is more right? WRONG. In between our sweat sessions, we ALL actually need to give our bodies a chance to heal, rebuild, and grow stronger

Working out is basically doing minor damage to your muscles. When we run, lift, or work them hard, we basically damage the muscle, then our body does this awesome thing where it kicks into gear and builds them up stronger than before.

This is why it’s generally not a great idea to work the same muscle group over and over – the days off in between promote healing and growth.

The harder we are pushing ourselves, the more important rest actually is. So many beginner athletes or folks engaging on a weight loss campaign get caught up in the “must keep going” attitude, but basically all that happens in the long run is you push your body until it goes “nope, stuff this, I’m out” meaning injury, illness, and in extreme cases, you can do permanent damage.

So this little video is created on my rest day. I take a couple each week depending on how I’m feeling.

Rest day for me is a great chance to actually wash my hair, stretch, foam roll, and generally take care of myself.

As you’ll see in the vid, I’m walking like a cow girl thanks to a brutal leg day. Rest is how we grow. Rest is how we get stronger. Rest is awesome! Embrace your rest days!

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