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Intimate, Hot, Sensual: Side By Side Sex Position

Slow, sensual, intimate – the side by side position is for smoldering, sexy love making. This isn’t a quick fuck position, this is candle light and love making by the fireside, this is the stuff of erotica novels!

The intimacy is the biggest benefit of this position, with full skin to skin touching, releasing yummy love hormones and building the love. If you’re patient, this is a great position to rock slowly to climax, if you’re not so patient, this is the position to start a sexy tease from.

You can mix it up with pillows, and raising and lowering her leg to change the angle of penetration. It’s quite a good pregnancy sex position, provided you have the support of pillows to maneuver into a comfortable position.

Up the intimacy, and play with your pleasure by:

  • Gripping each other tight. Hold on so tight like you don’t want to let go
  • Maintain eye contact and breathe together
  • Use pillows under her butt to raise her slightly to change the angle of penetration
  • Raise her leg up (trust us!!)
  • Use your hands, caress, explore, tease…..

Try it and let us know how you liked it!


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