Maia Gets Tied Up Chapter 1

Maia Gets Tied Up – Chapter 1

The rain fell drearily on the window of Maia’s office. She looked at her face reflected back in the grey window her blue eyes darkened by the outside gloom.

The office was quiet save for the tap-tapping of keyboards, for a Friday afternoon, the quiet was heavy and almost as gloomy as the weather outside. Maia looked at the clock; 5pm. She wasn’t normally one to shut her laptop so quickly and rush home, but tonight she had her apartment all to herself, and she had plans.

Gathering her things, she hurried down the office stairs, wondering if anyone could read her thoughts. It had been a week since her lover and her had shared an intense encounter, and Maia was still riding the high from it.

Could anyone tell how damp her panties were? Could they tell how turned on she was? The thought amused her as she bustled through the pedestrian traffic towards the train station. She half hoped that the scent of her arousal would turn on the people she passed, and upon finding herself in a crowded train carriage, she blushed furiously, trying to calm and contain her thoughts.

Her apartment was on the fifth floor. Maia trooped up the steps and reached her door slightly out of breath. She walked into the small, somewhat messy apartment and revelled in her solitude.

Her flatmate was away for the weekend, and Maia had plans to meet her lover tomorrow. Tonight however, she had the place to herself.

She drew a bath, filled with bubbles and sunk down into the tub, luxuriating in the warm water as she let her mind wander.

Maia lay, legs slightly parted remembering the first time she was tied up. Her fingers snaked over her soft belly, over the short mound of pubic hair, and gently parted her lips.

She pondered and let her thoughts drift back to a week ago…

Her lover has the softest hands, hands that slide over her body like silk. She waits for his warm embrace, but it wasn’t forthcoming that day.

“Sit” he commands imperiously.

Maia sat obediently on the floor, palms folded in her lap, acutely aware of her nakedness, restrained by his word, waiting for him. He uncoils a length of hemp rope, slowly and purposefully until he held the midpoint of the rope in his palm.

The ropes smell of fresh hay, a smell so sweetly potent, just a whiff is enough to make her heart race and set her blushing, as she feels her pulse in her cunt.

That throbbing sensation in her sex is what consumes Maia as she sat waiting.

Those soft hands firmly grip her wrists, guiding her arms behind her, and she feels the rope drag lightly across her back, her breasts, as her arms are tied firmly. Her lover kisses her neck.

“How are you, lover? Is this okay?”

Maia smiles sweetly

“This is magical sir, please keep going.”

Without another word, he rolls Maia to her side and secures her feet in a hogtie. Each pass of the rope sends vibrations down the rest of the rope, and Maia can feel her wrists, her back and her breasts tingle with sensation. She breathes in the sweet hay smell, and allows herself to drift away into her thoughts.

Rolled on her side, her sex exposed, the wetness of her grows warm, slippery, and wet with desire. The cool air on her breasts teases her nipples to stiff, erect, nubs.

Maia’s breath begins to quicken and her brain gives in to the fact that neither her hands nor her feet were at her disposal any more.

She is at the mercy of her lover; she has to trust. Maia had her safe words tucked in the back of her brain somewhere, if she needed them, and this was an exercise in giving in.

Her body aches for touch, for release, for her cunt to be licked and fucked, but that was not her lover’s plans. He ties a blindfold around her eyes, and lightly drags the falls of a flogger across her arse.

Maia gasps, anticipating he thudding sensations, but he makes her wait. Painfully, deprived of movement and sight, her breath becomes ragged.

As the blows landed on her back and thighs she breathes through the sensations, beginning to relish the tingling heat of her skin, anticipating each stinging strike as it made contact. Starting with stinging pain, then dulling into a delicious, giddying, ache that she wanted more of.

Her brain begins to drift away, and all of a sudden it was just sensation. Soft hands, hard spanks. Warm kisses, sharp teeth. Sweet caresses, and the sensation of the rope securing her wrists and ankles. The vibrations of the rope under her breasts and across her nipples, and around her belly drive her mad.

The trippy space of want, slight fear, trust and overwhelming lust entirely overcome her, and She is wet and dripping with desire, rolled on her side, her slit is slick and aching to be fucked. Unable to move, and blind to her lover’s intentions.

His hands slide around her body and Maia can feel his hardened cock pressing against the wetness of her cunt. She wriggles to try to push back, but the ropes have made it impossible for her to wiggle.

“Please” she implores.

Instead, she feels his tongue probing, licking at the wetness between her legs, his fingers teasingly dancing over the entrance to her cunt, tormenting her. He laps at her pussy until her legs tremble and her back arches against the ropes, two fingers driving into her, rhythmically, relentlessly.

“Please, please” she begs, her breath ragged.

He pulls away, and she feels jolted by the sudden loss of contact. She can hear him, she desires him, she needs him. She tries desperately to free herself but my ropes are secure, so she gives in, her breath coming in rough gasps of desire. she lies, powerless, waiting.

She hears the buzz of her vibrator, and her lover holds it onto the rope securing her waist. The vibrations travel the length of the rope, tingling, buzzing, and setting her body afire with lust.

As Maia edges closer and closer to orgasm, his cock presses against the outside of her cunt again. This time he is in no mood to tease, he bursts into her, filling her, he fucks hard, pulling her hips back against him, as she’s powerless to resist. A rolling orgasm takes over her body, and she gasps in sweet release.

Using the ropes as a handle, he thrusts into her. Sweat beads on her body as she clenches, and squirms against the ropes, powerless to stop his hard fucking. He swells inside her, his breaths getting quicker as he too, cums, Maia arches back against him, feeling him deep within her.

His hands become soft and kind again, and stroke her shoulders and back. He strokes her hair from her face and kisses her neck.

Maia sighs, higher than anything she’s ever experienced – a combination of beautiful ropes, lovingly tied, and the cruelty of sensation play combined to create a heady, addictive space that she sinks into, spent and exhausted.

She lets her mind wander, and wonders if she could possibly feel higher, only to be jolted back to the present as the ropes were untied, and the delicious sensations of rope dragging across her skin, vibrating across her belly, and the blood flowing freely back to her limbs, increased the sensations to those previously restricted parts of her body.

A desperate need to be held overcomes her, and she sinks dozily into her lover’s arms, he strokes her hair.

“What a good little slut you’ve been, Maia” he croons as he pulls her close against his chest.

The bubbles in the tub have subsided, leaving a shiny film over the warm water.

“Goddamn, what an amygdala hijack!”

Maia touches the slipperiness between her legs, barely having to probe at her clit to bring herself to orgasm.

Satisfied, Maia drained the tub and reached for a fluffy towel, as she towelled her body dry, she smiled to herself. Tomorrow night, her lover would join her again.

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