Maia Gets Tied Up Chapter 2

Maia Gets Tied Up: Chapter 2

As the sun streamed through the window of her fifth-floor bedroom, Maia could barely contain her excitement. Tonight, her lover was all hers for the evening, and the memory of their last encounter was still fresh in her mind.

She pulled on baggy tee-shirt and underpants, and poured herself some orange juice as she set about preparing a fried egg and some toast. As she sat eating her egg, Maia’s thoughts drifted back to her lover. He was taller than her, with warm eyes, and soft, strong, hands, he had thick curly hair, and an infectious smile. Maia thought about how it felt to rest her head on his chest and breathe in his scent.

A smile teased its way across her face and she finished her eggs with relish.

Her housemate, Sarah, was away for the weekend with her own partners, intentionally leaving Maia some extra privacy to enjoy her time with her lover.

By noon, Maia’s busy-tasks were done, and Maia decided it was time to shower, and get ready for her lover’s arrival. She turned on the taps and stepped under the water. The hot water felt refreshing and soothing after the morning of chores. As she washed herself her thoughts became expansive, and drifted back to her lover’s caresses. As she found herself getting aroused again, she turned off the water, and roughly towelled herself down.

“Later” she chided herself.

She glanced at her naked body in the mirror before wrapping herself in her robe.

“Not bad, not bad at all” she thought of her curvy arse, full breasts, and soft belly.

Maia dressed herself in a simple cotton dress, intentionally choosing to forgo a bra, knowing the dress showed off her breasts to full effect. It fell gracefully over her hips, flaring out into a full skirt. She swept her hair up into a clip, leaving a few tendrils to fall about her face. She assessed the ensemble in the mirror, and decided that she looked effortless, and cute.

The doorbell rang, and Maia composed herself, took a steadying breath and answered the door.

“Hello, David” she breathed.

“Hi, beautiful” he replied, sweeping her into his arms and pulling her close enough that she could feel his cock swelling in his pants.

She bit her lip, trying to control the carnal thoughts racing through her head. David pushed her up against the doorframe and kissed her long and deep, his teeth nibbling at her lips, his tongue teasing hers as he held her pinned.

He pulled back with a grin on his face. “A week is too long, lover” he said.

“Tell me about it” replied Maia, pulling him by his shirt front into the apartment and closing the door.

He looked her up and down, and Maia blushed as his eyes lingered on her full breasts.

“Shall we play?” he asked

“Not just yet, I want to hear your heart for a while first” said Maia, and she pulled him down onto the sofa beside her, nestling her head into her favourite spot on his chest.

David’s hands, soft as silk, smoothed her dress, following the lines of her body over her waist, over her arse and legs, and back to her arse, where he lingered, gently squeezing it’s fullness.

Maia sighed contentedly, and wriggled a little to give him more access to her body. David was all too happy to oblige and his hands wandered over her thighs, and traced the curve of her sex, as he pulled her face up to meet his kiss. His lips melted over hers, and she tasted his breath as his breathing grew faster and ragged, he cupped her arse, pulling her closer still until she straddled him on the sofa.

“So much for just a cuddle” Maia said, breathlessly.

She slid her arms around the back of his neck, pulling David’s face close enough so she could taste the desire on his breath, and leant forward to kiss him again. This time, taking her time, and slowly savouring the feeling of his lips, his tongue, and his breath.

Maia could feel David’s cock aching to burst free from his pants, as she grinded her pelvis onto him. She relished in how badly he needed her.

A soft groan escaped David’s lips as he ran his hands over Maia’s round arse, and kissed her back, deeply and passionately.

In one swift movement, David swivelled Maia’s legs across his body, and scooped her up into his arms. He plonked her gently down on the couch, and began to negotiate the folds of her skirt, lifting them over her legs, revealing her long calves, and curvy thighs.

“No underpants?” he grinned.

He gently pushed her legs apart, as she relaxed back onto the sofa, her skirt hitched up around her waist, her pussy exposed and shining wet in the soft light of the apartment.

Maia giggled a little, and said “Do you like it?”

“I love it” David replied, as he took deep lick of her folds. David buried his face deep into her pussy, taking long, purposeful licks, leaving nothing un-kissed. His hands wandered up under Maia’s skirt, finding her breasts, squeezing them gently, his fingers narrowing over her nipples, teasing them taut and erect, as his lips closed over her clit, sucking it roughly into his mouth, as his tongue flicked over it.

Maia whimpered in pleasure as David’s silken hands became rougher, and he squeezed hard on each nipple, all the while maintaining relentless licks of her cunt. His hands slid down her body, over the curves of her belly and hips, and down to her pussy, where with two fingers he plunged into her. Her pussy sounded juicy and wet as his tongue teased her clit, and his fingers massaged her deep inside, Maia’s legs began to shake, her toes tingled and her breath came in gasps as she came, hard into David’s waiting mouth.

She flopped back on the couch, catching her breath. David kissed her belly, and slid up to meet her face.

“Shall we make dinner?” he asked.

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