Maia Gets Tied Up Chapter 3

Maia Gets Tied Up: Chapter 3

Maia felt deliciously calm as she and David set about preparing dinner. Soon the small kitchen of Maia’s apartment was filled with the smells of sizzling garlic and onions, as they prepared a bolognaise together.

David stood at the stove front gently stirring the pasta as the water bubbled in a rolling boil, he wiggled his butt in a happy dance, as Maia wrapped her arms around his waist, and kissed his neck.

“Hey you.”

“I’m under your spell, you know…” Maia whispered.

“I know,” said David, “I love it”.

His face had a slight sheen from the steam of the pasta pot, and he flushed slightly as Maia cupped his arse and squeezed.

“The pasta is fine for a bit, come here and kiss me.” said Maia, pulling David away from the stove and into her embrace, kissing him lightly on the mouth.

David pulled her closer, and kissed her deeply, his tongue massaging her lips, his teeth nibbling at her. Maia melted into him, consumed by his kiss and the taste of his mouth.

“You know what I’m going to do to you later, Maia?” David said, breathlessly.

Maia’s calm was quickly unravelling.

“No sir, why don’t you tell me,” she replied, brattily.

“Oh no, my little slut, I’m not going to indulge you that easily. You can wait.”

They served their dinner and sat down to eat, Maia’s heart racing in anticipation for what the evening held. She knew she was going to be tied up, she knew she was going to be teased, tormented, and have her limits tested.

She knew that David had the gentlest hands as they ran over her body, and that they shocked her when he spanked her arse. The contrast of his soft touch, and his almost vicious spankings kept her guessing, never quite sure how he was going to touch her.

Her calm was gone.

Barely able to contain herself, she ate the rest of her dinner in silence, and took her plate to the sink.

“You’re quiet my love, are you okay?” David asked.

“I’m more than okay, I’m just lost in my imagination.”

David walked over to the sofa where he had left his bag, he unzipped the zipper and a whiff of sweet hay smell filled Maia’s nose.

“Come here, remove your dress, and sit,” he commanded.

The smell of David’s ropes caused Maia’s pussy to throb, as she slipped her dress over her head and knelt down before David. She could see the bulge in his trousers as he regarded her naked body. The air felt cool on her, and she could almost feel the heat of his gaze burning on her skin.

His hands were firm as he guided her wrists behind her, drawing the rope around them into a secure knot. David removed his shirt and Maia admired his half naked body, as he pulled her to standing. He stood behind her nibbling at her shoulders, and kissing her neck, murmuring nothing in particular into her hair.

Her hands moved freely in their bonds, secured at her back, but able to twist and caress his belly, and the heat in his trousers. She tussled at his belt buckle, and tried to undo the button of his jeans.

In one swift move, David pulled the rope tight securing Maia’s arms into a more disciplined position His kisses turned to bites on her shoulders, and Maia gasps as her breathing became heavier, ragged.

She sunk back into his touch as he drew more rope around her arms and torso, criss-crossing her breasts, and and upper arms, expertly securing her into a ushirote munenawa position. Her arms secured behind her back, and a tight harness lacing her torso and chest, showing off her breasts to full effect.

David yanks the ropes upwards, drawing Maia to the tips of her toes, and she knows that she is entirely at his mercy.

David touches her hand and finds it warm and responsive, reassuring him that the ropes are safely tied.

Using the ropes as a handle, David spins Maia to face him. Her breasts spill over the rope at the front, tempting, delicious, aching to be sucked, but he waits. He can see her heaving breaths coming in ragged gasps, as she mews and moans with her eyes closed tight.

Maia can barely think, she keeps her eyes closed tight, and succumbs to pure sensation. The ropes make it slightly difficult to breathe, and she is entirely in David’s control. With one hand steadying Maia, he throws a cushion from the sofa to the floor, and gently and firmly guides her to her knees.

“Open your eyes, Maia,” he commanded.

Breathlessly, Maia opens her eyes, and see’s David’s cock straining at his trousers in front of her face. He slowly and purposefully unbuttons his trousers, and pulls his cock into his hand, stroking it lightly.

Maia leans forward, eagerly, to bring his cock to her mouth, but David keeps his hand in place, stroking himself, holding Maia’s head inches away from him with his spare hand.

She wriggles, but the ropes binding her chest and arms keep her secure, there is no getting her hands out unless David frees her.

“Fuck, David,” Maia groans, arching her back to get closer to his cock. “I need you. Please, sir.”

David strokes his cock across Maia’s waiting lips, she can taste the precum on him, and opens her mouth to receive him, but he is not forthcoming. Instead, he rolls Maia onto her side, exposing her sex, glistening wet with desire.

He rifles through his duffle bag until he finds what he’s looking for, a mean looking vibrator. Maia’s eyes widen as she looks at the monster sized phallus.

Slowly, his eyes burning her skin, he pushes her legs apart, sliding the vibrator inch by inch into her pussy. Maia feels it filling her, stretching her, and she aches for more touch.

“You want?” David growls.

“Pleassse sir,” Maia whimpers.

David needed no more encouragement, as he turned on the vibrator and fucked Maia’s dripping cunt. Her legs shook, and her stomach clenched as she neared orgasm. She bucked her body back against David, encouraging him to fill her deeper, as she edged closer and closer to cumming. As he legs trembled uncontrollably, David pulled the vibrator out, leaving cruelly right on the very edge of an orgasm.

“Did I say you could cum, Maia?” he growled menacingly.

“No sir, you didn’t.”

“Then you wait.”

Using the ropes for leverage, David pulled Maia to her knees again. Taking another length of rope, he wrapped her waist, and drew two knots over her sodden pussy creating a delightful crotch harness. Maia could feel the ropes pressing hard against her clit, driving her mad with lust.

David tucked the vibrator down the back of the crotch harness and turned it on. Immediately, the vibrations spread through the whole rope, Maia screamed with the effort of holding back an orgasm.

“Please sir.”

David took his cock in hand, and guided it to Maia’s mouth, she eagerly drew it into her mouth, teasing the tip with her tongue and sucking, drawing him deep into her throat.

David groaned.

He bunched his fingers in her hair, pulling her head deep down on to his cock, thrusting into her mouth. Her eyes watered, and she looked up at him beggingly.

“Now you may come Maia, come for me babe,” he said.

Maia’s whole body shook with the force of her orgasm as the tingling sensations in her clit drove her over the edge into an intense climax. David held her hair tight, as he fucked her mouth, hard, cumming into her throat.

His hands became soft again, stroking her hair, brushing the sweat from her brow, and lifting her chin to look at him.

“Hey there, beautiful, you are amazing, and you did amazingly.”

Maia’s blue eyes stared back up at him, and she felt flushed with lust and emotion as he pulled her to her feet, and wrapped his arms around her. Never letting go of contact, he hugged her to his chest and untied the ropes.

This time, the sliding, vibrating sensations of the hemp sent shivers through her body. David held her tightly, kissing her neck, stroking her hair, and stroking her arms as he freed them.

He pulled a blanket off the sofa, and wrapped her like a sushi roll inside it, scooping her up he pulled her onto his lap on the sofa, cuddling her and kissing her hair.

“I could fall in love with you, Maia,” he whispered “I think I already have.”

Maia listened to his heart beat as she dozily came down from subspace.

“That feeling is entirely mutual,” she breathed.

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