Maia Gets Tied Up Chapter 4

Maia Gets Tied Up Chapter 4

Maia lay in David’s arms, basking in the afterglow of their play. Her skin showed the indents of where the rope had been tied. Her face and chest flushed red from exertion. David lay stroking her hair, and letting her come down gently back into the world of now.

He kissed the top of her head and breathed in the strawberry scent of her shampoo enjoying just holding her close while she recovered.

“You’re beautiful, Maia. I love how your skin blushes just here, and here,” he said, planting kisses on her chest where she had flushed most red.

Maia took a steadying breath, and her blue eyes gazed intensely into David’s hazel ones. She liked how his eyes flecked greenish grey. She giggled, a little annoyed at the fact that his eyes, were framed with beautiful long lashes, the kind she could only achieve with mascara.

She rubbed her wrists where the rope had imprinted the most, and wriggled to loosen the blanket wrapped around her.

“How did you get into rope play,” she asked.

“Hrmmm, it was a couple of years ago, I was looking for something new to try, and a lover of mine tied me up.” He said. “I loved the feeling and the smell of the ropes so much, I started trying to learn everything I could.”

“mmmm, I’m very glad you did,” said Maia, admiring the marks on her wrists that were still feeling deliciously sensitive.

“What about you, my rope bunny, how did you come to enjoy being tied up so much?” asked David “I’m clearly not your first.”

Maia blushed furiously red.

“Actually, you are my very first,” she said quietly.

“you’re so trusting and so relaxed, it’s like tying a professional,” said David.

“Well, thank you… I guess,” said Maia.

She thought back to other experiences she’d had. Other lovers had been bumbling or happy to satisfy themselves without worrying about her pleasure, David was different, he could restrain her with a word, enslave her with his ropes, but he served her pleasure, and worshipped her cunt.

Maia wasn’t used to such attentions, at all. David spoiled her, and she was happy to get used to it.

She stretched languidly over the sofa, feeling back in the world of the present. David got up and fetched her a glass of water, and sat beside her pulling the blanket over the two of them.

“When is Sarah due home?” Asked David.

“Not until tomorrow mid afternoon,” replied Maia “She’s having a naughty weekend with Ben and Cassie.”

“Fun.” said David a little dryly.

“You don’t approve?” asked Maia

“No, it’s not that I don’t approve of Sarah and her shenanigans, it’s just that I can’t stand the way that Cassie and Ben treat her. She’s like their fucktoy she has no rights in their relationship.”

“Mmmm yeah, I know what you mean, but Sarah’s a big girl. If she wasn’t having fun, she wouldn’t put up with Ben and Cassie,” replied Maia, defending her friend’s current lifestyle arrangements.

Sarah had always maintained non monogamous relationships, but recently had become a “unicorn” for a couple, Cassie and Ben. Cassie and Ben had a tendency to prioritise their coupledom above Sarah’s needs and wants.

Maia was concerned for her friend, but also recognised that Sarah was making her own choices, and didn’t want to interfere unless she was at risk of harm.

“Sarah is a big girl, but she’s also smitten and head over heels with Cassie. It’s going to end in tears, I just know it,” said David.

“Let’s go to bed,” said Maia “Sarah’s got this, and she’ll be okay. Besides, she’s got us to wipe her tears if she needs us.”

“Mmmmm,” said David, picturing the last time that Maia and her had ‘cared’ for Sarah.

Sarah had come home feeling dejected and controlled from an evening of play with Cassie and Ben. She’d discussed the possibility of dating another partner, to meet her own needs outside of the relationship, but Cassie and Ben had forbidden it.

Offering her friend, a shoulder to cry on quite literally, had resulted in Maia pulling Sarah into a warm, embrace. Both women had been surprised by the electricity that sparked between them, and Maia, already aroused from her interrupted play with David asked if she could kiss Sarah.

“Yes, please,” Sarah responded quite breathlessly, and the two women found themselves entangled in a loving kiss.

“Well that made me feel better,” Sarah said, pulling away from the kiss a little surprised.

“I’m so glad, beautiful,” said Maia.

David had been watching in amused surprise as his lover awkwardly remembered his presence

“Oh hey there,” said Sarah, blushing.

“Ahhh hi,” grinned, Maia.

They had disentangled and headed to their separate rooms a little flustered and aroused with the new development in their friendship.

David found a smile dancing across his face at the memory, he loved watching his lover feel loved and pleasured. He especially enjoyed how awkward and cute Maia was about the kiss. She was downright adorable when she was flustered.

David and Maia fell asleep wrapped around one another, and Maia slept more deeply than she had in weeks, totally spent and satisfied from their play.

As the sun streamed in through the fifth-floor window, Maia stretched and yawned, and rolled over to find David’s half of the bed empty. The smell of freshly brewed coffee wafted through the apartment. Maia smiled and propped herself up in bed.

“Good morning, starshine,” said David bringing her a cup of steaming coffee “how did you sleep?”

“Like a log,” replied Maia “You wore me out.”

David guffawed.

“You snored, Maia,” he chuckled.

“I did? Gosh, I’m sorry! Ha!” Maia laughed.

“Yes, it was kind of cute, in a freight train sort of way,” replied David. “Drink your coffee, I want to get that sexy arse of yours into a shower with me.”

Maia drank her coffee and bounced out of bed.

David turned on the shower and steam began to fill up the small bathroom. Stripping naked, he stepped into the warm water. Maia watched for a moment as water ran in rivulets over his naked body.

“Get here, you,” David beckoned.

Maia threw off the baggy tee-shirt she’d gone to bed in, and stepped under the hot water. David’s hands, like silk slid over her body, pulling her close, until she could feel his erection teasing between her legs. He slid his hands over her arse, up around her waist, and up to cup her breasts, feeling the weight of them in his hands.

Maia mewed and pushed her body closer to his, her hands sliding over his shoulders and neck, pulling his face down to kiss her. Their lips met in the hot running water, and his tongue teased her lips. David’s hands wandered over Maia’s body, pulling her as close as he could, grinding his cock into the space between her legs.

He spun her to face the shower recess wall, and pushed her back against it. She gasped as the cold tiles hit her back but quickly adjusted to the temperature. David pushed one hand above her head, pinning it, then the other and held both of her wrists in a vicelike grip. His spare hand worked her pussy until it was dripping wet with desire.

Maia moaned and wriggled against her bonds, knowing that it pleased David when she struggled a little against his restraint. She ground her pussy over David’s hard cock, trying to edge him into her wetness.

David was happy to oblige, lifting one of Maia’s legs slightly up, so he could slide into her he thrust his cock into her waiting pussy. Her brown hair was straggly around her face as he released her arms, and grabbed a fistful of her hair for better leverage.

Maia’s arms wrapped around David, her fingertips raking over his back, her hands cupping his arse, pulling him deeper into her, faster, harder, faster. His fingers traversed her body, pinching her nipples, cupping her breasts, pulling her closer to him so he could fuck her more deeply.

David kissed her neck and bit her shoulders, grazing his teeth over her trapezius muscles, Maia shivered in delight, edging closer to orgasm with each bite. His hand slid between them, finding her clit, and he massaged it roughly, sending Maia’s body into spasms of ecstasy as she came, hard.

David thrust faster, and faster, both hands on Maia’s arse. She could feel his cock getting harder as he too came, deep inside her.

He leaned against her as the hot water ran over their bodies, teasing little shivers out of David, and gently relaxing Maia. He kissed her passionately, and pulled her face up to look at his.

“Good morning, you.”

“You’re way better than coffee, Sir,” Maia replied.

“Come on, let’s towel off, Sarah will be home soon,” said David, as he turned off the taps, and offered Maia a warm, fluffy, towel.

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