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Not Your Usual Sex Apps

You know how in almost every aspect of life nowadays you can pretty much guarantee there’s an app to make something better, easier, or faster? Well, the same can be said for your sex life. In theory, at least.

Yes, there are some weird ones, and some lame ones, and a lot of position-of-the-day and roll-the-dice-to-kiss-your-partner-here-or-there ones, but there are also some pretty interesting sex apps available for those looking to integrate their smartphones into their every waking moment. Like these three.

Sex Drive: iTunes $1.99

Sex Drive is a premium app designed to deliver tested binaural tones to helps promote a healthy sex life. Binary tones or beats are sound artifacts the brain produces when two tones of slightly different frequencies are played, one into each ear, using headphones. The idea is that your brain syncs with the frequency, the sexual part of your brain gets excited, and you increase your sex drive.

If you need a reputable endorsement, user Stickyboy Johnson said of this app:

“I had an orgasm within 5 minutes and jizzed so much. More than ever before at least 4 table spoons. Plus the whole time I felt all tingly inside!”

Um… don’t take Stickyboy’s word for it. This app is actually highly reviewed around the web, making it a great option to check out if you don’t mind spending a couple of bucks.

Bed Buddy – Sex Calculator: Google Play FREE

Yeah, this is actually a thing. If you really have a competitive side and you don’t feel insecure about your sexual performance, this app is designed to rate how you measure up in the sack. Using what I can only assume is a very powerful and scientifically designed algorithm, Bed Buddy tracks movement and sound to measure your activity, and offers detailed intensity scores and graphs (because science!) as well as sex tips. Am I the only one who finds this a bit creepy?

Somehow this beauty has a 4.3 rating in Google Play’s app store. Current user reviews include “nice way to have sex life recorded” and “what an inspired app!” Yeah.

Sexy Vibes Vibrator Remote Random Chat: Google Play FREE

Self-described as part chat room, part sex toy, and part speed-dating service, Sexy Vibes allows users to connect with people they know, and people they don’t, to send and receive vibrations, or to play solo with vibration patterns ranging from the intense ‘washing machine’ to the gentler ‘fluffy bunny’.

There are some super-creepy user reviews for this one, but it does get an average rating of 3.8. Be warned though – user Alfonso Watakungsi only gave this app 1-star, saying “Bad! This app makes my gal cum in seconds as a result my phone got soaked in her juices thus damaging my fon! I woukd recon protecting ur fin with a ziplock bag first b4 using it as vibrator”. Ummm… thanks for the tip, Alfonso!

Come across a useful, weird or wonderful sex app you think we need to check out? Let us know in the comments below!

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