Podcast Episode 10: Changing the Face of Women’s Fitness with Michelle Wright

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I’m really excited about sharing this episode of the Polkadotsi Body Love podcast with you! I got to chat with one of my heroes; Michelle Wright from MishFit.

Mish is one of the driving forces changing women’s fitness here in Australia and quietly, between you and me, her influence reaches far wider. If there’s a shift in our industry  towards more woman friendly training, it’s due to the amazing work that Mish and others are putting in.

In this episode we chat about her upcoming Women’s Health and Fitness Summit which is going to be absolutely amazing.  Bringing together some of the most wonderful thought leaders in women’s fitness from around the world, the day is a MUST ATTEND for anyone who works with women.

I could barely contain my excitement in this episode, and Mish shares some wonderful insights into the fluidity of women’s hormones, how we need to train differently and the different stages of our fitness lives.

I really love that she points out that fitness is for EVERY body, and that there’s room for all of us in the industry.

You can get in touch with Mish at Mishfit.com.au and www.womenshealthandfitnesssummit.com.au 


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