Podcast Episode 11: Healing our Relationship with Movement with Jodie Arnot


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They say never meet your heroes, but I have to admit it was a total blast meeting Jodie Arnot from Healthy Balance Fitness, and co-founder of the moderation movement.

Jodie Arnot is the director of multi award winning Healthy Balance Fitness, and is co-founder of The Moderation Movement.  She’s almost ready to celebrate 20 years in the fitness industry!  During that time Jodie has enjoyed many roles including ‘old school’ aerobics instruction, gym management, personal training, group training, running coaching and lecturing in the Cert III & IV in Fitness.

She is now focusing on how our body image affects our relationship with movement and presents to fitness professionals, parents, students, and the general public on how they can have a more peaceful relationship with physical activity and their own bodies.  She works with The Butterfly Foundation, and is in her final year of her Masters in Counselling at Monash University.

In this episode Jodie and I chat about 6 ways to heal your relationship with movement, and really body positive ways to incorporate movement into our lives.

There were several parts of this interview where I was literally fist pumping, because Jodie’s approach to training people to move their bodies in joyous, uplifting and soul nurturing ways is SO in alignment with my philosophies.

I think the take away message from this podcast is that you ARE worthy, and not a number. You’re amazing even if you DON’T move at all. We aren’t defined by how we move our bodies, but movement is such an uplifting, health bringing activity we can engage in. It’s more than just burning calories.

You can get in touch with Jodie and the team at Healthy Balance Fitness here:








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