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Role-Play Cheat Sheet

Curious about introducing a little role-play to spice up your sex life? No, I’m not talking the kind of online role-play that involves wizards and dragons and dungeons and warcraft… unless that’s your thing #NotJudging. What I’m talking about is playing out a little fantasy with your lover. Doing something out of the ordinary to get out of that sexual rut. Taking on a whole other identity to break free of the shackles of the self and commit unspeakably saucy acts…

Why Role Play Can Rock

It certainly isn’t for everyone, but many people find role-play to be an exciting and enjoyable part of their sexual experiences. A recent online survey found that role-play can:

  • Help lovers shed their inhibitions
  • Help individuals uncover undiscovered desires and fantasies
  • Relieve sexual boredom and reinvigorate sexual encounters for long-term partners
  • Increase intimacy, trust and communication, as lovers share their fantasies

Who Do You Want To Be Tonight?

Sure, you can be the naughty nurse and the patient or doctor, the cop and the criminal, the teacher and the student or the French maid and the butler… but do those roles really speak to you?

The key to good role-play is to choose something that really spins your wheels. Something you’ve found yourself fantasizing about when you’ve let your mind wander. Or something your partner has suggested that intrigues you, and that you’d feel comfortable exploring.

While one of the common role-play scenarios might appeal to you, particularly for a first adventure, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box.

Saucy and Subversive Role-Play Ideas

Many role-play scenarios about are power and control, but if that’s not your thing you can play by your own rules. You can be the one in control, or you can choose to submit. Or you can choose a scenario where both players are on an even footing. The key is to be comfortable enough to discuss your idea with your lover, and to respect their ideas and boundaries, and choose a play theme you’re both excited about.

You could be Giggles the Clown and The Circus Master. Possibly not one for those of you with a fear of clowns, but if that big red nose and oversized shoes do it for you, why not?

You could be Dr Frankenstein and The Monster. Like the freakishly-strong silent type? Take playing Doctor to a new level of kink with a white coat and some face paint.

You could be The Artist and The Muse. Grab a canvas and some paints, or use your naked bodies as your canvas. Maybe invest in a drop sheet – things will get messy.

You could be The Witch and The Wizard. If a certain magical-themed book series captivated your imagination, why not cast a spell on your lover?

You’re limited only by your imagination. Have a scintillating role-play scenario idea? Share it with us via the comments!

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