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Ronda Rousey: Body Love Champion?

Pro athlete, tough as nails, Ronda Rousey is a knockout. Daughter of a judo champion, this kick-arse chick is on a roll in Women’s fighting.

The champion UFC fighter took down the previously undefeated fighter Bethe Correia on August 1st to win UFC 190 in just 34 seconds, rocketing her into the spotlight in more ways than one.

Like so many women in sports, she has been forced to defend herself against body shamers who insist that muscles on women are masculine, unsexy, and not feminine.

We call BULLSH*T, and so does she. It would seem that this chick has taken the hateful comments and turned them into fuel for her personal fire.

-Just because my body was developed for

Smack DOWN!

Her bad-ass comeback to  the body-shamers has spurred a flurry of “Strong is the new skinny” and “Strong is the new sexy” type mantras through fitspo channels on social media.

Again, we’re calling BULLSH*T. There is NO ONE body type, there is NO RIGHT WAY to look, act, or be.

And it would seem, so does Ronda.

(yeh, yeh, we get that her choice of words isn’t flying the feminist flag – and we also get that she’s said some pretty dumb stuff about trans-gender athletes (And there’s no excuse for that… I’m looking at you Ronda!)) Personally, I’m hoping that position on a body-love pedestal might inspire her to use her powers for good.

Frankly though, when can we cut a break, if we’re not too fat, we’re too fit, too skinny or too tall.  I say F**K  it. Love your body, treat it with respect and be fierce.

Take a leaf out of Ronda’s book, and tell the haters to shove it.


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