Sexual Fetishes 101

Sexual or erotic fetishism is technically regarded as an intense focus on an inanimate object, body part or situation that is essential to a fetishist’s arousal. While a true fetishist cannot have a satisfying sexual experience without their preferred fetishized object, body part or situation, the term is now commonly used to describe something that plays a supporting role in a person’s sexual experience.

It’s not surprising many of us are inquisitive about fetishism, and what gets our buttoned-up neighbors off behind closed doors. Sexual curiosity is just a part of human nature… and gaining greater insight into what makes the sex lives of our peers tick can help us understand our own wanton desires and kink-ridden fantasies.

Here are five fairly common fetishes you’re probably already familiar with. And 10 of the more unusual kinks you may not be.

5 you know…


Voyeurism is about arousal from spying on others for sexual gratification. Many sexperts suggest there’s a little voyeur in all of us… after all; you are reading this post, right?


A sadist puts the S in S&M, and experiences arousal by causing physical and psychological pain.


A masochist is the flip side of this coin, experiencing arousal as a result of suffering physical and psychological pain


You probably know podophilia – suggested to be the most common of all fetishes – as foot fetishism. Does the overly helpful sales clerk at the local shoe store linger a little longer than necessary while helping you slip into the perfect pair of pumps? Think about it…


Though a flasher in a trench coat might spring to mind, exhibitionism can manifest itself in many different ways, and is defined as arousal to displaying one’s sexual organs in public.

… and 10 you don’t


You’ve no doubt heard the term ‘a tumble in the hay’. Well, climacophilia takes the joy of the tumble to a whole new level, relating to arousal – and orgasm – experienced while falling down stairs.


Perhaps the most unusual of all the ‘linguses’, nasolingus, as the name suggests, is the arousal experienced while sucking on a person’s nose.


Want you partner to cry out in ecstasy, “F-f-f-f-ffff-fff-fu-fu-fu…”? Psellismophilia is an arousal to stuttering.


If you consider sex sinful and dirty – in fact, the more sinful and dirty the better – stygiophilia might be your kink, which is defined as an arousal to the thought of hellfire and damnation.


Does imagining your partner trussed up as a human footstool get you hot and bothered? Forniphilia is a variation of bondage, whereby a person is used as, or incorporated into, a piece of furniture.


Most men are guilty of having treated their partners to a ‘Dutch oven’ at least once in their lifetime. While many recoil in horror at such an act, eproctophiles, who are sexually aroused by human flatulence, might deem this little more than foreplay.


Remember Kim Cattrall in the delightful 80s teen romp, Mannequin? Whoever wrote that film, based on a sexy shop-dummy brought to life, may have been an agalmatophile: one who fetishizes statues, mannequins, and immobility.


There’s another reason to be cautious about whom you stand next to on a crowded train… unless, of course, you’re the frotteur, and not the frottee. Frotteurism is an arousal to feeling up, groping, or otherwise touching a stranger surreptitiously in a crowded place.


Do you love a day at the beach, soaking up the sun? No, I mean, really love it? Actirasty is arousal to the sun’s rays. Just be sure to slip, slop, slap. With sunscreen, that is.


Yes, it might be considered unusual to some/many/most (but who am I to judge?), but if you ever saw that infamous Fur and Loathing episode of CSI, you’ll be familiar with those fetishists commonly known as ‘plushies’. Autoplushophilia is defined as arousal to oneself dressed as a giant cartoon-like stuffed animal.

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