Mastery Kneeling Position, or Sofa Salsa
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Sofa Salsa Sex Position

This is one seriously easy and hot position. The Sofa Salsa, or Mastery Kneeling position is great perfect for slow, sensual, build ups, and equally as hot for a quick, dirty fuck.

Have your man sit on a sofa, straddle him with your legs (Start with your panties on for slow, sensual teasing, let him slide his cock around your lips until he’s begging!! IF you can resist that long!) Use the back of the sofa for leverage and enjoy the ride.

Let him explore your body with his hands, and enjoy the view as your breasts bounce around in his face.  Make it sexy and intimate with lots of eye contact and kissing, or just close your eyes and lose yourself!


A great position to hit your g-spot, and your clit, as you grind into his pubic bone!

If you want to take it to the next level, and try a whole new sensation, swing your legs forward into a squat position.



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