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Sparkly B*tch Take Your Damned Selfie And Own It!

If you’re anything like me your phone and hard-drive are FILLED with selfies! How do you feel when you take a selfie? Does it empower you? Do you LIKE taking a picture that you own, you’re in control of and you say what happens with it?
Yeh? So do I.


A selfie puts you in the picture AS you. You control the  gaze, you control the intention. It’s a way of saying “I look freaking sparkly today and I’m owning it”

Selfies are power baby yeh!

But it hasn’t stopped the entitled body shamers from trying to take us down.

Recently Reddit became home to a vile trend of Photoshop artists who took it upon themselves to “shop” women’s photos to make them appear slimmer.

Like this one of UK model Paulina.



“From Depressed Chub to elegant Fox”

Um, what the actual F**K!

Paulina shrugged the body-shaming comments off, and got the last laugh.


“I really love myself the way I am, so those comments didn’t get to me at all,” she added. “I am secure, and I’m a beautiful person, on the inside and out.”

Paulina’s modelling agency New Moon hit back with THIS bad-ass article.

But that doesn’t mean that all women are immune to the venom that pages like this one spit.

We are constantly told that in order to be healthy we need to be skinny. Which is utter bullsh*t! Bodies can be fierce and healthy at any size.

It seems that Instagram is flooded with people who think it’s OK to shame selfies as being too fat, too unfuckable, too skinny, or too whatever.

The simple fact of the matter is the selfies aren’t for them…

In my own case, if I take a selfie, and I share it- I choose to share it for me. I’m not sharing it for anyone to critique ro assign value to.

Here at Polkadotsi we encourage you to eat well, and move your body – because that keeps you healthy on the inside! But how you look and how you define your aesthetic is YOUR business, not ours.

So if you feel like taking a selfie, freaking do it. OWN that sucker.

If you see someone telling a woman that they are anything less than sparkly and fierce, speak out and shut them down. Say NO to body shame!


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