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Our Guide to Making Your Own Sex Tapes

I’m not sure whether making your own sex tapes are more common nowadays, or whether we’re just more open about them. I imagine our easy access to technology probably has something to do with it – after all, 20 years ago making one would have meant setting up a hefty cassette video recorder on a tripod in a corner of the room. Now all anyone has to do is hit record on an open laptop, or prop their smart phone up on their bedside table.

New-fangled gadgets have certainly made the creation of erotic home filmography simpler… but technology has also made the sharing of those films easier. The push of a button can send your most intimate moments out for the entire world to see, with no take-backs, and the ability for your vajay to go viral in a matter of hours. What you put out on the internet is basically on the internet forever.

Think very carefully before filming a sensual adventure solo or with a partner.

Here are our golden rules for making your own sex tapes

Don’t be pressured to make a sexy video at someone else’s behest. If the idea makes you uncomfortable in any way, just don’t do it. Your ass, your choice.

Don’t make a sex tape with someone you barely know, or don’t trust. Think long and hard about this. Do you trust this person with footage of you in the throws of passion? If you were to break up, do they have enough integrity to still keep this celluloid immortalization private?

Don’t feel the need to compete with professionals. If you want to make a sex tape to spice things up with your lover, make fun and pleasure your focus. Worrying about dirty-talk dialogue and cycling through multiple positions with ferocious enthusiasm may take the sexy out of making your own sex tapes.

Do get in the mood. Especially if this is your first foray into DIY porn, and nerves are running a little high. Put on some sexy music, choose something to wear that makes you feel amazing, and maybe indulge in a little pre-film foreplay to relax and get into the swing of things.

Do your thing. The act of filming your seductive encounter will be exciting in itself, so just be yourself instead of hamming it up for the camera. You can show as much, or as little, skin as you like. In fact, you can stay under the covers if that’s how you prefer to roll. This is your dirty movie, so you make the rules.

Do think about lighting and mood. Play with the night-vision setting on your camcorder to shoot in the dark, avoid glare and reflection from windows if you’re filming in broad, unabashed daylight, or play it soft and romantic with flattering candlelight.

Want to experience the thrill of making your own sex tapes without the possibility of it getting into the wrong hands? There’s nothing wrong with filming your escapades, watching them back once for giggles, and then deleting them ASAP. Just because they’re captured digitally, doesn’t mean you need to keep them forever.

What’s your number one DIY sex tape tip?


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  • Reply Chloe Pedley March 26, 2015 at 5:01 am

    Do choose a camera that’s not connected to the net…. unless you’re into that, in which case go wild!

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