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The Fusion Position – Kama Sutra Inspired For G-Spot Pleasure

This position is inspired by the Kama Sutra. It put the woman completely in control of penetration, speed, and depth. While this position can be a little tricky to pull off, when you get the hang of it it is sensual, sexy, visually mind blasting, and it stimulates your g-spot a-maz-ing-ly!

Have your man sit back, with his legs apart, lower yourself facing him on to his cock,  spread your legs over his thighs, and thrust up and down like a “piston” (I hate that description, but it’s pretty much the action required to rock your G-Spot socks off!!)

Start out slowly, get the right spot…. then enjoy!

This is going to give your arms a workout – we found  that  leaning forward for some kissing and a cuddle, straddling him, and gently still rocking and girating when you get too tired, adds to the intimacy, boosts those sexy feel good hormones, and makes it easier  to get back to pumping when your arms have had a bit of  rest.

To take this position to the next sexy level, work on some intense intimacy – hold eye contact, breathe together, and communicate what is feeling hot.

You can add a vibrator if you want, especially if you aren’t too familiar with your g-spot, extra clitoral pleasure can make this position extra orgasmic!

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