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Do You Have Chlamydia ‘The Gooey Stuff’ ?

Silent Epidemic

WTF!??! ‘Gooey stuff’…who did that??  However, the slang term for this particularly frisky little bacterium can be misleading in that your down belows aren’t that likely to erupt into an oozing pustule when you contract it. It’s often referred to as the “Silent Epidemic” in that most of those who contract it are asymptomatic (have no symptoms).

The problem is that if this infection is not treated it can have some unwelcome long-term effects on your unmentionables, such as reproductive difficulties and chronic pain.  Also, if mum has Chlamydia when she gives birth the newborn can be at risk from eye and lung infections.  Untreated Chlamydia may also increase your chances of acquiring or transmitting HIV.

Symptoms Of Chlamydia

Some symptoms that are detectable are unusual vaginal bleeding, genital discharge (yep, the Gooey Stuff), pain in the abdomen, rectum or genitals, painful intercourse or urination. Hopefully if you feel as though you’re peeing shards of broken glass or hell fire through your urethra you’ll be taking yourself off to your G.P or sexual health clinic and not hoping it will all just go away…this is not Fairy Land and Dorothy is not going to click her heels. Girl up/ Boy up and luuuurrrve your intimate parts. I know that they love you.

It’s So Common…Even The Koalas Get It

Worldwide, Chlamydia is one of the most commonly transmitted STI’s, especially for younger people, with about 106 million new cases occurring each year (WHO, 2008). It’s so prevalent that here in Australia even the koalas can get it…So if you are sexually active (or have a penchant for furry friends) it’s a good idea to get screened, especially if you are engaging in unprotected sex (anal, vaginal or oral). This is done through swabs (cotton budding of your vagina, cervix, anus or penis) or pee tests.

If you are positive for Chlamydia then you’ll be given antibiotics to quickly deal with it. It’s that simple – there should be no shame or stigma attached to just another bacterial infection…it just happens to be, well you know, there. Also to protect those crown jewels, you can reduce the risk of transmission through consistent condom and dam use. So before you get it on, pop one on.

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