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“There was this one time at sex camp…”

Sexual Healing

Celebrating Sexuality (formerly known as Sex Camp) is a unique weekend experience where you can completely immerse yourself in workshops, activities and performances focused on sex and sexuality. Created and born into being by the visionary, Vanessa Florence, this is one of my favourite places to be. In this divine space you can encumber yourself of all life’s shackles – fear of judgement, fear of exposure or vulnerability. Sex Camp is no recalcitrant lover. She will gentle woe you, unfold up and bring out all your juicy, sexy, luscious goodness. By the end of your time there you will be glowing with sexual vim and shining light. Sigh.

 Open To Everyone

Situated in the lush, verdant hills of Victoria, Australia Celebrating Sexuality offers a safe, conscious space to celebrate and participate in the full spectrum of sexuality – from the sacred to the profane – YUM!! And everyone (over 18 years) is welcome to come – be you spiritual Tantric loving, eco-warrior or polyamourous, leather-wearing kinkster with a penchant for sensual rope work. The fluid spectrum of sexual mores, preferences and gender-orientations are all represented and celebrated here.

Safe Boundaries and Joyful Consent

But before you gleefully pack up your rucksack – be aware. Celebrating Sexuality is not about fucking in tents (although I’m sure there are plenty of shenanigans that are going on behind the tent flaps) – instead it’s fucking in-tense. You’re not there to just pick up and get your rocks off (although that’s OK too, if all participating persons wilfully and joyfully consent and you’re not humping with abandon in front of all and sundry on the grassed areas) – this is your time and space to discuss, explore and experience you and your sexuality. That’s right –  this place is all about you….

 Helping Hands

And in order to be able to do such amazing exploration safely the Celebrating Sexuality crew have developed an air-tight, iron-clad container (hmmm sounds kinda kinky) to allow for comfortable, healthy and safe expression. All attendees must be within camp within a certain time and the gates are shut until its conclusion: no late-comers, no stragglers, and no exceptions. An opening ceremony is performed that reinforces the importance of confidentiality, consent, privacy (no photos, no random FB updating about so and so) and participant autonomy and choice. All participation in workshops is optional and there are emotional support persons (ESP’s), fully qualified counsellors, who are within arms’ reach in every workspace to debrief with.  That’s right – this place is positively vibing with good intention and clear ethics.

 Oh..and did I say the food is awesome too.

 Curious Creatures and Exuberant Experiential Exploration

 So Friday kicked off with a choice of ‘Connections Playshop’, ‘Tantra for the Rest of Us’ and a Cuddle Party. Oooohhhhh so much choice. I chose the ‘Tantra for the Rest of Us’, feeling the need to learn some perky little sex games that encourage communication, fun and interaction. And yes we were all fully dressed. The workshop was presented by the deliciously kinky, dynamic duo- Captain Awesome and his rambunctious co-presenter, Purple (

Captain Awesome positively reeks of juicy naughtiness and sex positivity. As his bio reads, he is,

 “A kinky, tantric, polyamorous slut. Also a sex educator and professional facilitator.”

Cool – educated, but with a slutty, wayward side – I like it. Purple is exuberant, literally over-spilling with glee and cleavage – like an ogle-worthy saucy seaside postcard babe. Together Captain Awesome and Purple comprise Curious Creatures (a.k.a Two Kinky Kids) and run performances, playgroups, sessions and workshops in Melbourne, Australia.

The games we learn during the session were simple, erotic and oh so much fun as we explored communicating our needs and wishes to a partner. We spent time connecting to our bodies and each other, breathing, examining and exploring our needs within the moment. Whether it was a shoulder that needed a massage or a hip that needed a squeeze or the yearning for a gentle hair tug – all were welcomed and addressed.

As for Saturday…well that was a whole different journey!! Find out more in my next Sex Camp instalment 😉

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