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Three Golden Rules of the Strip Tease

Ever imagined seducing your lover with a look and a wiggle and the shimmy of two tasseled pasties? The art of the strip tease has taken many forms throughout the centuries. Often, it has been informed and directed by the male gaze – but an increasing number of women are reclaiming and reimagining the tease, and using it as a form of sensual self-expression.

If you’re curious about the strip, follow our handy How To as a guide to get your wiggle on in no time.

Feel Sexy, Look Sexy

First, there is no right or wrong way to strip. That might sound pretty vague as the start of a How To guide, but hear me out. You don’t have to follow anyone else’s rules or try to fit into any else’s ideals of sexy or sensual. The same goes for how you choose to reveal that hot bod of yours, one glorious inch of skin at a time.

Get into the groove and let your intuition be your guide. If you feel sexy doing something, chances are you’re going to look sexy doing it. If you feel awkward or uncomfortable, that’s going be just as obvious. Relaaaaax. This is no Dancing with the Stars audition. This is just you and you lover (probably…) sharing a fun and intimate moment, so you really don’t need to worry about getting anything perfect.

Seduce Your Lover – and Yourself – with Music

If you want to strip seductively, chances are you’re going to find it a lot easier to do with some great music inspiring your movements. Music can guide us into a natural rhythm, and help us relax. It can also affect those parts of the brain that put you in the mood, so make the most of your iTunes playlist and create a playlist to swivel your hips and shake that booty to.

Select some songs that always make you feel sensual and think sexy thoughts. If you want something slow and teasing, consider a sexily drawling track like The White Stripes’ I Just Don’t Know What to Do With Myself. Whether you intend to swing around a pole in your panties or not, Kate Moss embodies the spirit of slow, hungry seduction in their music video for the cover, if you’re looking for a little inspiration.

Prefer something more wickedly entertaining? A song that doesn’t take itself too seriously and allows you to ham it up a bit while you’re strutting your stuff? Warrant’s Cherry Pie offers just the right mix of cheesy and flirty, and can be a great option if you just want to have fun. Another great option: It was good enough for Channing Tatum to grind to in Magic Mike, and Ginuwine’s Pony is one of those raw, sexy songs that really just lends itself to getting neekid to.

Layer Up for a More Tantalizing Strip Down

Don’t make the rookie mistake of starting a striptease in jeans, a teeshirt and your underwear, unless you want to be naked really quickly, and don’t mind tugging awkwardly to get your jeans off your ankles. If you’re going to plan anything, ensure you’re wearing a few different layers that can be easily peeled off one by one. The strip tease is about building anticipation and desire more than anything else. Too few clothes to remove and you risk a premature climax. You don’t have to invest in those clear acrylic stripper shoes (unless you want to) or a Dita Von Teese-inspired negligee (unless you want to) or spendy sequin-covered pasties (unless you want to).

Throw on whatever you feel sexy in, layer up, and choose items that will be easy enough to slip off at a critical moment. Accessories like silk scarves, hats and belts can be great to add another layer of intrigue to your routine, without adding a lot of bulk to your overall outfit.

What’s your favorite song to strip to, or favorite strip tease move? We’d love to hear your tips! 

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