Trail Events to Check Out This Summer

There’s something special about trail running.

Perhaps it’s the fresh air, perhaps it’s turning off the headphones and being in tune with your surroundings, or perhaps it’s the sense of adventure as you leap over branches, try not to slip in mud, and race down tricky, technical hills…

Whatever it is, trail running is fun, and here are a few events coming up that you should definitely lace up your shoes for!

Trails Plus Night Series Race 3

The concept of a 3 race night series is to provide an opportunity for runners of all levels to enjoy a low-key, grass-roots style, yet well supported, trail running event. It was created particularly for those considering the next challenge that will take them past daylight and into the sphere of night time running, guided solely by the light of their torch and perhaps a running buddy at their side in support. It is an opportunity to experience the heightening of senses, taking in the many night time trail noises – there’s no danger, but it’s just what happens!

  • WHEN: Saturday 23 Jan, 2016
  • WHERE:You Yangs Regional Park, Western Plantation(off Sandy Creek Road) Anakie VIC 3221
  • WHAT:5k  10k  21k  42k  3hr  6hr
  • ENTRIES: Now open at 

Falls Creek Mountain Raid


The good folks at Rapid Ascent are at it again, with this epic adventure race and trail run series!

The event is in some of Victoria’s most magnificent country, Falls Creek, and is really not to be missed.

Falls Creek Mountain Raid Trail Runs, a series of 4 trail running events that provide the opportunity for keen runners to experience the spectacular alpine trails. Runners can do up to three of the four events and there’s also King and Queen of the Trails titles up for grabs for those who do both runs on Saturday and the long run on Sunday.


  • WHEN: 13-14 February, 2016
  • WHERE: Falls Creek Alpine Village, Victoria
  • WHAT: Teams navigational adventure race and a series of 4 trail running races
  • ENTRIES: Now open at
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