We’re sex positive, smart, and we want pretty condoms!

Dear condom companies,

We totally get it. Condoms are marketed to men as your primary user base, and we women are just expected be along for the ride. (pun not intended)

We had an inkling that condoms might be letting us down, so we surveyed a bunch of women, smart women, intelligent women, and we found that condoms come up lacking in the marketing department.

Now for those of us who don’t use online shopping yet, we need to stand browsing the condoms between men’s hygiene products, and pregnancy tests, and I’m sorry. I’m a thirty something year old woman, I still feel the embarrassment of appearing to pick out a pregnancy test. I’ve got four kids, go figure.

And frankly, while buying condoms isn’t particularly embarrassing, the marketing on them can be. Do I buy extra large fit? What if I don’t? What am I implying about my partner… Do I go for the extra strong versions? Am I rolling the fertility dice if I don’t buy an extra strong condom? Ribbed? For his pleasure or mine… and who came up with the name “Rough Riders” jeez.

So I get that this marketing is targeted towards men, but you know what… I’d TOTALLY buy and carry condoms that were marketed towards me. A 30 something, sexually active, happily non-monogamous, condom using, woman.

And maybe the blokes won’t buy something that is marketed at women, but frankly with the rise of STIs, and things like antibiotic resistant gonorrhoea on the rise, I really do want to see more women taking control of their sexual health.

My little survey suggests that we are definitely responsible.

It suggests that we are SMART!

Half of us are responsible for purchasing condoms…

But we think the marketing could be done better…

Virtually every other product on the market has some degree of pink washing- but why not condoms? I’m not suggesting that they need to be packaged with ribbons, nor am I suggesting that they need to be pink. I’m suggesting strategic marketing campaigns targeting women.

Because women are primary users of condoms, too. For contraception and for sexual health. I suggest marketing messages that speak to women. Address the health concerns, address the pleasure concerns, and help us make smart, sexual decisions to buy and use your products.

Make condoms cool for women, and make it easy for us to buy.

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