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You Can Still Be A Feminist And Enjoy A Good Spanking

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about feminism, and what it means to me and some of the amazing women I know. I think demystifying feminism as a social concept, and being aware that it means different things to different people – and that that’s okay – is really important in tackling issues of sexual and gender inequality. I also think busting some of the myths around feminism is just as important, because often these myths are used as a weapon, even in the guise of satire, to belittle feminism and perpetuate dominant gender belief systems.

At Polkadotsi, we call bullshit on these myths. Here’s our top 3, busted.

Feminism Is About Man-Hating

False. Feminism is most definitely not about hating on men, or placing the genders into some them versus us socio-political battle. Feminism is about recognizing the gender inequality that still exists in our, yes, largely patriarchal society, and moving forward in a way that embraces men and women equally.

Most feminists (I won’t say all, because there are always extremists in any social or cultural group) do not want to be seen or be treated as better than men. We just want things to be equal, and for everyone to be recognized for who they are, rather than what’s in their knickers.

Feminists Don’t Like To Fuck

Seriously? There is a wide range of variations on this myth, and all of them are ridiculous. It kind of relates to the man-hating myth, but takes it a step further by making it sound like any man who beds is a feminist is a sucker, and in for a really bad time.

Feminists might be less inclined to put up with sexism bullshit, and they might not want to shag someone who treats them as less-than based on their gender or acts like a macho jerk. But that can probably also be said for a lot of women who don’t identify with feminism.

Feminists like to get freaky as much as the next person, and their ideas about equality probably have little bearing on the fun they have with their partner/s. In short, feminists can enjoy a rough-and-dirty shag or a good spanking without worrying they’re submitting to the patriarchy. The key is that they have the right to choose whether or not spanking is their thing.

Men Don’t Want To Fuck Feminists

Because feminists are all hairy, angry, dungaree-wearing man-haters, right? Insert ironic LOL here. I think this myth was actually created to make women feel insecure that if they voiced their opinions, they’d never find a man. Umm… you’re totally missing the point.

Okay, some feminists might not shave their legs or get Brazilians, but some do. Some feminists might be angry, but most probably aren’t. Some feminists may still enjoy rocking their late-90s dungarees, and some won’t be caught dead wearing mismatched lingerie.

And you know what? For every single one of those feminists, there’s someone out there who wants to bone them. Guaranteed. And the ones that do run a mile at the mere mention of the F word are probably pretty bad in bed, anyways.

What you’re favorite or most-loathed myth about feminism?


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