Your Perfect Body, What Would You Change?

Trainer, Cassey Ho from Blogilates  created THIS video responding to body-shame police, and to perhaps point out that maybe, just maybe we’re all taking this thigh-gap thing WAY too seriously.

Fitspo – it’s a thing. There are endless Instagram accounts and Pinterest boards telling you that you should have more of a thigh gap, less waist, and abs… endless abs. Scarier still is Thinspo – a thinly veiled guise for encouraging eating disorders.

Have you ever noticed that most fitspo pics are totally objectifying  women? The headless bodies are reduced down to one, personality-less feature. Normally naked, normally photo-shopped, and clearly there to be to say “hey, you don’t have this, but you should, and if you don’t, you are soooooo not worthwhile…” (I usually hear horror movie music as I read this crap)

Don’t get me wrong, I  think it’s totally awesome to take care of your bod, and move it, make it strong, and generally keep it in healthy shape. I even think it’s cool to take selfies to track your progress if you’re on a journey! Look, here’s mine!

I’m on a journey, I’m training for a marathon, and trying to be the strongest, healthiest, version of myself.

I must say, I am SUPER proud of the changes in my body (I can do the monkey bars at the playground now WOO!)


Look, #nofilter #nomakeup (I might also point out #nothighgap) but if you were as close to my thighs are they are too each other, I’m sure you wouldn’t be complaining.

Here’s the thing though. The before pic? I was totally OK with being me. I have fat, but I’m NOT fat. Just like I have fingernails, but I’m not “fingernails”

My body tells the story of where I’ve been, and may hint at where I’m going. It doesn’t define who I am though, and frankly who I am is just who I need to be. And I’m alright with that 🙂
What’s the deal with the body shame police? Wouldn’t it be amazing to value a person just for being who they are?

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